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Like. I think there's a very good chance that it's just a puzzle because that is a fair way to do it. And so if that's the case then I do think she has a shot at getting back into the game and so like I. I wouldn't quit in that spot. I would want to stay. Even if I thought I had no chance to get back into the game I would wanna stay to play it out and have a vote in the jury and have my say and how things played out so. It's not something that I would do but at the same time like I completely get where she's coming from like she's voted out she didn't agree with extinction in the first place. So why would she want to be there? Like I would rather have said like extinction is a dumb concept so I'm GonNa stay here and not giving them anything else. I thought that would have been more fun. But but yeah I. I don't think that it tarnishes her legacy. I don't think that it means anything about her as a player. She's already got two million dollars. She doesn't have to stay there. She got voted out. It's not like she's quitting before getting voted out. It's not like she couldn't hack it or anything so like I said I'm kind of I'm kind of just in the middle it happened. It's I didn't even surprise me all that much. It's just interesting. I thought it'd be more my side. I thought you'd be the interesting. You really are on the fence about this. I'm taking a hard stance on this. I am going to be dramatic and say that this wasn't what I don't think this is my definition. I This is interesting. I do think her legacy is heard a little bit. It'll tell you what it's not because she left edge because she gave denise an idol with the legs. He takes a hit or legend. She's a two-time legend forever. I think she's one of the greatest players ever. She's in my top three of grace players ever but she does fall down a Paik your because of the move that you know. She was in a three two majority. She gives in eastern idle and she gets screw. That takes a hit. Your legacy asked take a hit if you do that. I do think that is in the realm of like jt. Level of personally. Sandra go enjoy European CADA. We don't need to see on the edge. Go Off Queen and I like this. She's this is truly will be the last time. I think we see Sandra on survivor. I think I think the thing is too like like it was sanders original season right. It was Pearl Islands. Where where Lil who? You never would have any chance of ever coming back in any kind of anything. Lil is the one that one of the people that returned and then made it to the finals with her and certainly she want against little but I do disagree with the idea that she had no chance whatsoever of ever coming back into the game but I also don't care like why it's like wh- when I call it a when I when I say she quit the game and people like it's not a quits like but I don't care that it's equipped it's not. I'm not saying it's a quick and therefore she should be disgraced. It's like I'm just I'm just calling it what I think it is and I probably have a different idea of like the negativity associated with that word That a lot of people do because because probst is very anti quit and he will like shame anybody that quits the game. Yeah but I don't think probst is going to shame Sandra. I think that he also will look at this. Like it's different because it's a different kind of quit. Retirement retirement. Michael Jordan played thirteen seasons with the shark cargo bowls he retires. He doesn't quit basketball standard. It doesn't quit survivor. She retires. She hangs it up. That's what it is in my books. And her legacy should be still very very high and I saw a lot of tweets fans who not only have never played survivor. I've never gone off the couch. You're sitting there with your big bag of salt and vinegar chips. And you'RE GONNA call Sandra quitter. Okay it pissed me off man. All A lot of tweets out there. It really did it. Fired me up and but it seems like most sensible people are on the page of like okay shirts but anyway. That's off my chest. I I think there is one positive from this. Which is that. If she hadn't left edge of extinction then we would have had to be like well who which. Who's in place Sandra Poverty? Because they voted on the same night. But now there's a clear trump delineation so I guess. Saint I guess Natalie and Danny.

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