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AFC, Jets, Titans discussed on CBS Sports Radio (Web Stream Only)


Sports play. Peter Schwartz and we start with the two hundred and fifty sixth and final NFL regular season game of the season. And the winner goes to the playoffs. And right now looks like it's going to be the Indianapolis Colts second quarter the colts have just found the end zone again. And they leave the titans thirteen nothing. Second touchdown pass of the game for Andrew lock the first one eleven yards to Dontrelle Inman. Now the winner makes the playoffs, but they will not win the AFC south victory formation at the fourteen yard line and Watson takes an knee. Jacksonville has a time out. They won't use it. That's it. That's one the AFC south a third time in the last four years. Jacksonville twenty three in the regular season finale to do it and the Texans are headed back to the playoffs. Marc Vandermeer on Texans radio as they win twenty two three. The ravens win the AFC north. They top the Browns twenty six twenty four the Steelers over the Bengals sixteen thirteen patriots. A first round by a top the jets thirty eight three charters over the Broncos Twenty-three nine the chiefs clinch the number one seed in the AFC and the AFC west they beat the raiders thirty five to three the eagles going back to the playoffs. They beat the Redskins twenty four nothing while the bears beat the Vikings twenty four ten the Rams clincher first round by beating the Niners forty eight thirty two elsewhere Seahawks. Twenty-seven cardinals twenty four the falcons over the buccaneers thirty four thirty two Cowboys thirty six giants thirty five bills over the dolphins. Forty two seventeen lions thirty one Packers Aaron Rodgers left the game of the second quarter with a concussion. The Panthers beat the saints thirty three four. Eighteen the jets have fired head coach Todd Bowles. The buccaneers ever reportedly fired head coach Dr cutter Jaguars announcing that VP of football operations, Tom conflict. GM Dave Caldwell at head coach Doug Marrone will return next season. The cardinals while the first pick of the NFL draft the Niners to the jets three than the raiders bucks. Giants Jaguars lions Broncos in bells round out the top ten college football Miami head coach Mark richt announces his retirement NBA finals T wolves one thirteen heat one zero four the raptors over the bulls ninety five eighty nine. Magic.

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AFC, Jets, Titans discussed on CBS Sports Radio (Web Stream Only)

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