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Jay Gruden, Colt Mccoy, Rams discussed on SportsCenter AllNight


Sick here at CenturyLink back to you as for Gerry Goffin the rams after three of those store they've now dropped two in a row I think with a group of guys we have we won't we're still three into we were in a good spot and like you said we got on the right side of those four times in the last couple years and you know it's it's part of the game and you know we still obviously loved Reagan. kicker rather have in the league you know you see snow on top as only can have so much faith in him and I mean you can I situation Xerox go to foreign one rams drop to three into Russell Wilson terrific in Thursday night's win over the rams with four touchdown passes one of the big topics in the NFL this weekend search certain team's quarterback situation and that would include the own for red skins we have a tough test at home Beijing foreign patriots Washington's quarterback depth chart includes veteran case Keenum and first rounder and rookie Dwayne Haskins Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has yet to name a starter for Sunday. so what Jay Gruden has hit today that does started not known yet who will start for the Redskins at Sunday weather will be case Keenum or twin has kids ESPN's Josina Anderson Victor Cruz rob Nick image with Wendy Nixon NFL live on the Redskins quarterback situation I don't think they want to put the young guy out there consistently I think they still want to see him grow and mature within that all friends and as he continues to learn what it is to be a quarterback in the National Football League but I do think of call McCoy is healthy and he said he's practice the last four games I'm going with a tractor on this one finally there he loves his tracks so if called will call is healthy I think is going to be called I think coach Gruden says how much he loves colt McCoy how he's been there for the six seasons that group has been there he's ranted and raved about it I think he was going to be the starter before he got hurt but I do think it'll be called McCoy that will be the start of this anything given the best chance who's the best quarterback of the three well it will give them the spark well I think it's called McCoy leaves in the smart thing when you see called record player when he's played with them. the things you drafted the man he's a whole. real quick this what I need to do to me. I'm saying I don't see this track..

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