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It could easily be me off and on I'm often on death's door Mollison. But then you then you rally your known to rally rally, which is very alternative alternative. Yeah. That or death and believe me, we'll all scrape up enough strength try to avoid that whenever we can. Yeah. Well death in firing. Those are the two things that nobody wants to have happened to them in Ron extol is out in Philly, creative differences for lack of a better phrase. You're reading a statement, they just didn't seem to philosophically believe in the same thing's going forward with the organization. Do you know what those philosophies were? Well, no, I don't. But I would I would speculate on a couple of things I think that, you know, the flyers are underachieving so far this year, you know, their their goal differential is a minus thirteen which is in great. They're they're not been very good at home. They're five six one at hall. Call those losses have been ugly. I was there for their home opener against San Jose. When they got blown out in that game. And it wasn't the only time that they had been blown out on home ice. And they just had an embarrassing loss in buffalo that an embarrassing loss in Toronto. They did actually have a win against the Rangers on black Friday and played well in that game could have been a lot more one sided if it hadn't been for Henry. Plan. So well, so I mean, there's underachievement of there's probably some consternation within the flyers management structure about the future of their head coach, Dave axed, all we've seen a lot of we've seen several coaches moved out ready this year. So there's probably something that we're going to Asian somewhere along the line that probably feel like maybe they need a coaching change or something different day or so that could be something. Also, the new I think during Ronnie's tenure there. He's been very of. He's been very patient, and he's tried to develop as young players, and that's very commendable. And you know, I think there were probably some that are saying, okay. You know what we have goalie injuries? Let's get Carter heart from the minors, regardless of has been just played very average there. And let's elevate them to the National Hockey League level. And I think Ronnie's probably quite back against that. He's fought back. It's the coaching change. But the one thing I would say about, you know, Ron Hextall tenure which has been I would be critical for sure is that if you were gonna look to have a stop gap goaltending group between the time you draft in heart. And when you feel he's going to be ready, and really it's gonna be a while. You had to do better than Brian Elliott, and Calvin Pickard and Michael noisier. There's been a number of goals that have been available over the last couple of years. They signed Ryan Elliott after Brian Elliott, basically was a key element in the Calgary. Flames being eliminated in the playoffs in that particular year. Michael waiver hasn't been able to stay healthy for more than a couple of weeks at a time Calvin Pickard they picked up off waivers. You know, it just seems like they haven't been able to find any stability goal during his tenure. And I think that is another thing that I would say the other stuff we could argue. I don't think we could argue about that. I think that there have been other goals that have been available that would have been better than what they've come up with. And so that and that really to me is one of their biggest problems. There's just no confidence in the Philadelphia. And it makes sense to me everything that you say and the patients we've talked about it here on the show on how they weren't gonna rush heart up. They weren't gonna rush some of their younger players up for a run last year. Even though they worry. To make the playoffs or cosmetically to to soothe any problems this year that there was patients usually it's the general manager. That's chea-. It's the organization that's preaching patients. It seems like it might have been the other way around maybe the organizations Chiba, Iran. Xbox had the philosophy of I want to be patient it usually works the other way around right? I mean, he he was I guess thinking he had all the time in the world and time ran out. Yeah..

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