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Absolutely good idea. No question about it. A lot of times you'll see those leaves are starting to yellow anyway and sometimes all the mold is really a secondary problem. The plant is trying to get rid of these leaves cutting them off. They're not getting the you know the The right nutrients and so it's a good thing took off. That's that's no problem whatsoever if you continue if you see some though go ahead and spam or something that You know whether. It's andy. Andy finn goal or just like milk and baking soda baking. You know that'll take care of that problem because you could spray them with almost savings spread with fisher motion. Whatever which trying to do is change the ph on those leaves and the bolts will grow. But you can turn off trim off. Okay i'm really glad i haven't done any damage the plant producing likely you're going to the plants to grow by trimming amal. Okay well thank you for your call and we are reached a point here in our program where this is the conclusion of this edition of in the garden with peterberg. Of course we thank peter we thanks forbes moral for being with us live here for our live audience here and of course for our listening audience listening. Today the garden brought to you by arch family owned true value store in morrisville by these flowers. Guard job main street. At wakefield clawson's fluorinated greenhouse on main street. And colchester montpellier segue farm and garden on eastman fielder sticks and stuff and swan lumber in middlesex. Middlesex state all bent heat. Has burke swatted a derby guys farming yard stores all four of them in morrisville montpellier williston and st albans lumber route fifteen at walcott the willie store in greensboro dandelion acres garden center in bethel on one. Oh seven and polly construction. Where one call does it all. We will join us again next saturday at twelve thirty in the garden. This is w d..

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