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Infection not a single person has lost. Their lives due to quote was vaccinated. Leave accident not wrangled personally percent while a doctor. What the current hospitalizations. I mean that tells the whole story that number you just gave us but right now as we look at this delta variant spreading in texas and florida and other places across the country. How many of your hospitals hospitalized patients are vaccinated less than two percent so ninety eight percent more than ninety percent of the people who are currently hospitalized in a regular hospital bed. Icu are those who have not been vaccinated more than ninety eight percent so doctor. What is the way out of this from your point of view. We've seen great efforts made at the federal state and local level to get people vaccinated. What more can be done in your eyes. You just told the whole story right there. It's a snapshot of what's happening in the country. What more needs to be done to get more people vaccinated You really on point about the safety and the effectiveness of the vaccine. Unfortunately now you asked me what can be done right now. I am even if the entire population got vaccinated today. We're still talking about three weeks to a month from now when begins to impact but there are things that we have done collectively as a society that got us through the last two kobe. nineteen surges. were very effective. You know when the numbers were going up there was a face mask mandate there was the closure of bars that was capping of the restaurant. Those worked with in two weeks up. Those mandates numbers began to go down. The are the point right now. This is almost like a runaway train. If we don't use everything that is at our disposal we are heading into some really really dark times likes of which we have not seen previously. And i don't. I don't get the sense that the public understands that. The governor of your state governor avid has shown an unwillingness to support mass mandates. in fact. He's he's fighting. The idea of mass mandates was one of the earliest states to open up After the initial stages of this pandemic last year in the state actually did pretty well after that. What would be your message to governor abbott and other governors across the country who are fighting these measures. That you just described like mask mandates in schools. I think but i heard at the top of the hour It's a really good message. Allow the localities to what is needed to address the situation in their areas. You know it again not being tired at texas. It's it's the same. There are areas that are doing a lot worse than others. Allow the elected officials to do what needs to be done. What what can be done at this point To get us over this search dr s mile porsche. Presidency of harris health system in texas. Thank you for your time this morning and thank you for the work. You're doing inside. Your hospitals will be checking back in with you one more story out of texas. A republican official in the state has lost his fight against cove. Nineteen h scott. Apple was a member of the dickinson city council. Before contracting the virus his social media messages include anti mask and anti vaccine rhetoric according to local reports he was admitted to a galveston hospital two days after his last post on facebook which mocked the fan pandemic. He was forty five years old. Joe truly a tragedy to see that gentleman lose his life and so many of the people that we've been hearing about as they're put on respirators or put on ventilators as they lay in those beds. Ask for the vaccine. But it's late. It's tragic and unnecessary. Unfortunately too many friends that have not gotten the vaccine. And i know a friend who is struggling mightily right now. without a vaccine and At this point all you can do for is is pray for them. But i sure wish that Officials party were more aggressive and and snuffing out Some of the misinformation that is killing people. President biden recently announced one hundred million doses of the vaccine have been shipped overseas to help the international battle The international battle against the virus. Nbc news senior investigative legal correspondent. Cynthia mcfadden has more on why. That's so important for the fight against the pandemic right here. In the us and international pandemic requires an international response and that was the idea behind kovacs. A multibillion dollar alliance launched to ensure that poor countries would get access to the lifesaving vaccines. It hasn't entirely worked out that way now. Nearly eighteen months into the pandemic kovacs has delivered vaccine to one hundred and thirty eight countries but still only about fifteen percent of the world's population is fully vaccinated with the highest numbers found in the world's richest countries. The greatest threat to our vaccination effort at all is our failure to invest adequately vaccination abroad the delta varian that we are suffering now is a byproduct of the virus spreading unchecked abroad in march. We were given exclusive access to the rollout of nearly nine hundred thousand. Kovacs vaccines in uganda. Enough to fully vaccinate about one percent of the population distribution is time consuming and expensive which we saw a unicef team delivered forty precious doses to the bouma islands. It's wonderful to have this and yet it's much smaller amount than you'd hope. Dr larry brilliant help to radical smallpox. He says we cannot wait to vaccinate the rest of the world. We really have a choice in front of us either. We explored vaccine manufacturing. Factories are will import from those same countries and others variance so while the biden administrations gift of one hundred million doses with a promise of more to come is welcome. It still leaves kovacs woefully under resource. Perhaps the minister of health in uganda said it best. I'm every human life marcus. We have to hold hands together if we are.

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