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A break fast wagner thermal quiet arroyo parter preferred care our low prices allow your partner for partial prices every day story in pittsburgh went viral yesterday as a major league baseball umpire john tom pain i believe is how you pronounce it but it could be wrong i he saved a woman from jumping off the roberto clemente bridge judge that is the one that you see when you see shots of pnc markets right behind or in front of the park depending on where you are but she was about to jump off the comment day bridge in an attempt to kill herself and he stepped in and he saved her and he held a press conference as many people saw this happen gain some attention and he i viewed her when she climbed on the other side of the bridge too there was nothing in between her and jumping and mrs where started telling the story yet our back on this side and after she came back on the side of decision i went up turkish she she said you'll just forgive me after this and i said all i'll never forget you this is a this is a now this was a non nonbelievers day and i'm i'm glad to say that she can have another day with us and glad i was in the right place at the right time decision of xiaomi at present this opportunity but i know ces for her and that people care about her so it is about him because he did an incredible thing their own ponies goes arms wrapped runaway while she's dangling office bridge our feet are so he's holding the full weight of this warmer in the eu it's possible on the bill one he could go over with her at the point so it is about him in and he aged just a wonderful thing here yeah and we are not so sure i would have done yeah well this is where i'm going next me why not the old the john can yoenis which england by my favorite things when is a tense situation created by a television show and is due shows up at introduces himself hello i'm john can yoenis it we major day horrible for everybody else's entertainment we've unleashed this horrible child who is an actor into europe lives and ruined your breakfast.

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