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His campaign provinces and i think often the biggest roadblock has been congress are we saw that have at least some of this on macaire yeah yeah you know though kevin you know i've been a big supporter of president donald trump uh although miliver hearing it i don't agree with him on everything i generally supported have but i think he's got to meet eighteen it's eight year of trump accomplishments because you know he he he he has accomplished a lot but you know he's got a really push or for that wall i think that's going he and i think if he roll and give them the key to anyone without that all he's going to lose a lot of his supporters you know you can only hole so many rallies than so many things make so many speeches that excite based at some point they're going to start saying we're the peace what have you sure and uh he's at the point now where i think he's coasted as far its ban on rhetoric and he's got you have some very significant action happened are also i feared about a big part of his face serially turned their backs on him they might but i think it'll be just more that they'll mobilize well let me let me up on this controversy from this week because he gets reported for having said you know this word in this meeting and everybody's focusing on the word they're not really paying attention to the context of what he's talking about his desire to move our legal immigration system to a merit in skillbased process as opposed to kind of a refugee centre where everybody comes in and gets all of our public service benefits is is really that's been his intention from the beginnings been very clear about that so i can imagine in my head that this meeting he came in to talk about you know getting the wall going in and daca those are the two things are going to be in the first stage of the immigration stuff and durban just starts pelting him.

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