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On people. He knew the missing to get in touch. They've now received around three hundred witness statements, many of him confirm their relative never came home. I've traveled to the southwest of France to a farm about an hour from to lose to meet Remmy Sam he was a French soldier. Join the war and his memories still haunt him to this day. Sausage. Ramey was born into a farming community when he was twenty years old. He was conscripted into the French army our colleague Vanessa translates. We win. Deceive. We were lied to. We were told there were a few terrorists in the mountains. And that we were going to to restore order. Veto, memory members, generally, piano, very very soon. We realized the soldiers altogether realized that the war was was going to be lost. He says that he saw many terrible things. But it was the actions of his own military that shocked him. One point. I was sleeping ten because we moved around a lot. We have not. The two and so all night. There was torture in the tent next door an all night. You could hear the cries shots uncontrollable screams. It was very it's very difficult to describe. Sunday, told you. Pass this tent, and there was a woman taken a woman outside naked was winter. It was called reveals e of. And they covered it with water, and she was crouched against a wall shivering and always feel terrible that I didn't go and get a blanket to cover. Remmy has invited us to a meal with his family and fellow veteran, George and his wife Monique why French's AK but are calling Vanessa helps with translation ready. Did you make this up? Is everything? We sat at a large table joking away about farm life. When Georgia's wife Monique starts to tell me about life after her husband returned from war. Lancair levian Jamaica. Nobody talks about it. The former soldiers didn't talk about Georgia never talk to Monica about it. Never talk to children about it. When he can I ask a question. Did you find that difficult was usual for nobody to talk about nauseated trade for Dana? Sue fast date convey, you know, it was it was very difficult because you could tell she says, I could feel there was this suffering. You have this weight on his heart and he closed in on himself. And so also made it difficult for the marriage. Her husband, George explains. Polly pockets. Cantonal renewed. We didn't talk about it. Because when we first came back, we talked about it. We tried to tell people there have been tortured, and nobody believed us, and so we ended up putting the lid on the saucepan. And never talked about it again until we were sixty five his Romy. You don't get as usual sons. Thank God, not one. So when I was sixty five you're entitled to your retirement as a former soldier and at the time it was four hundred thirty euros a year. It also. Passer, somebody better. And so I didn't want to take this money. It does she sound tough deal. The museum says for me, it was it was blood money. It was torture money. I couldn't use that Doty money to get gifts for my grandchildren. He looked round to see if others were join him to form an association, so they could pull their pensions and give the money to good causes level Renault only about the America. And so we we asked around and there were four of us to start with. Literally. Who.

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