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And those to have that but then also tyreek you've seen enough these long balls where he's head to adjust to him And come back to the ball. Or he's running all the way across the field a scramble grill and he just has a unique feel for by even great center. Fielder mini just. He's able to track the ball and john candy so fast when he gets going. You're spending a lotta alfred trying to keep up with them and then he our dime and you ended up flying by and he's in position place so unique character. What and i i. I think he's right here. Of course he is because he he's with them every day. He designs plays for him but tyreek hill. Let's talk about one aspect of game the the tracking. I don't know if there's another wide receiver in the nfl and going to the top one hundred. There were three players that were ranked above him. It was devante adams. De'andre hopkins and stefan digs. So let's just talk about those players. Great wide receivers. I don't know if if let's let's throw hopkins out of it because hopkins might slightly better yet that that game winning catch last year but the other two. I don't know if they're better than hill at the tracking of the ball of digs adams with a ball hanging in there being able to find it and high pointed. We saw hopkins beat the bills last year on that so again i'll give him there but hills right there in my opinion and i think we saw that on sunday. We joked a friend of arrowhead. Pride aaron lad was really bold with his question. Let's say that in the press conference after the game and said do you. Do you go with the mean you just say f. it and throw it down to tyree kill and most like sometimes it'd be like that and it really looked like that can just said okay. It's tyreek hill one on one and because it was like a little underthrown that actually was a benefit on this one particular play. Well i think this is one of those cases where the national narrative Kind of affects it even at the local level. You know tyreek hill is just seen as this really fast receiver. As if that's all there is to his game and we probably feel the same way about other receivers that we know about that are on other teams that we don't follow as closely and we probably just think about that. One thing that they do really well. I don't think the national media has really caught up with. How good hill is at tracking passes. Because they're so focused on the speed that he has and obviously it's a big part of his game. But i think one of the reasons that he's now among the nfl's elite receivers instead of just being. This really speedy guy is that he's got that ability and he shows it over and over and over again and i think sunday's game was an ex and particularly that play. was an excellent example of how good he is at At adjusting to the flight of the ball so that he can bring it in. Twenty twenty was the year of travis kelsey when it came to kansas city chiefs making a push to lead the league in receiving. This already feels like tyree kills year to maybe l. Get close to two thousand yards again. You extra game. If he can just stay healthy. Talks about the chemistry with patrick mahomes. And he's entering a phase of his career. Where even if you double them. He is finding ways and has these polished arauz and enough to just get away from the opposing defenses. And if that's going to be the case and he has a little bit of room he's going to be gone and he said after the game he felt. He left yards on the field. What he had a hundred and ninety seven yards. How many does he want each game right. It's just crazy to me so something to watch as the year goes on switching back the defense as we wrap up andy reid. We talked about nick. Bolton out snapping ben neiman forty five to forty he were here was reads quotes on. Nick bolton and nick did a big job couple. Real secure tackle said were important for us. it look like how mentally was able to digest everything that they threw out him. And if you make a mistake you fix it but second time around so in on defensive if you're a repeat offender act tough deal on On the defense oh. He's he's been good with that he was getting so baltin in his debut. Finishes with seven tackles four solo and the one that stuck out to me. The most was that early tackle on nick. Chubb where nick chubb look to have a touchdown had bolton not tracked him down. He did later in the game shoutout to joshua canedo in his first game. I know that he's a little bit more. Raw than bolton but bolton wrapped up nick chubb. Who is one of the better backs and the tougher backs to wrap up in the nfl. And what a test. What attest going. Against a chub and and hunt and finding some success you're not gonna face many tougher challenges and players to tackle than these two guys in the nfl. Oh i completely agree. I was very impressed with how a bolton looked in this game. But i've been sneaky Confident that we were going to see that of play out of bolton This year And i. I've been very pleased to see this happen in the first game but i think people a lot of people have underestimated him Because he wasn't the big name linebacker that people wanted the chiefs take And but i think this is one of those cases where their knowledge of a particular team comes from within. You know they have Former missouri coach is the assistant today. Tobin i think in this case. They got some inside information about bolton and what he's capable of doing and how. He is as a teammate. Those kinds of things and those things matter a lot to the chiefs. And i think that we're going to see quite a bit out of this player as the season progresses. I'm i'm glad i'm not happy that willie gays injured. But i'm glad that bolton is getting this opportunity With his injury to get some time on the field and show people what he can really do. Yeah the mizzou coach. You mentioned andy hill. That is a great point by just having the experience with bolton to know. And i think it's fair to say after this game and granted it's one game so let's see how he does next week against the ravens but i think it's fair to say after this game. He's pretty pro ready. Which really gave frankly wasn't minded been gazed fault for not having that offseason bolts rid but now gay is going to be champing at the bit to get back involved in this defense and when he does you're gonna have hitchens and bolton and gate. That isn't strong linebacker. Gore's these guys stay healthy and then you have neiman who is a backup slash special teams type of guy. Which is what he is supposed to be. That's why i mean it's a bad rap in going back years. That's why daniel sorensen to an extent got a bad rap because remember. There was no tire matthew in those days when everyone wanted to cut sorenson and eric berry wouldn't get on the field and everyone was like well. Why is the safety play suffering. Because he's supposed to be the number two safety he summarized backup safety same thing with ben neiman bet neiman is a fantastic backup linebacker special team guy reliable in the nfl right. It's just he's in these recent years. He's been thrown into the fire because of injuries and sometimes gets exploited so all right another me defending those players. Both of those players made huge plays in this game. Two agreed agreed with fumble recovery. In the mayfield. They had their moments where they didn't look very good but they also both made huge key. Plays in this game and the game might have come out differently. Say before i get attacked on on chiefs read it now john but now now you also be included in that. Thank you for coming down into the fire. Always always here for you pete. The i appreciate that. So that wraps up. Andy reid if you want to listen to the full press conference it's available right here on the had pride podcast network by going to listen to from the podium when we come back. It is the world's famous marinated takeaway. Stay with us right here..

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