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Vistaprint dot com today and you'll get five hundred high quality custom business cards for only ninety nine deaths less than two since for card and at vistaprint your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed so it's never been easier to turn 500 strangers into connections just visit vistaprint dot com and use promo code 13th thirteen at checkout that's vistaprint dot com promo code one three one three he fewer 85 or younger would you like peace of mind and comfort for your family we're final expense direct with an urgent message for you the average funeral today costs over eight thousand dollars but the most you'll get from government benefits is two hundred fifty five dollars we can help our senior plans start as low as just a dollar a day and pay up to thirty thousand dollars for a funeral and other final expenses call eight hundred two four zero zero zero sixty nine that's eight hundred two four zero zero zero sixty nine and on a of saves the so the laura ingraham show two the that is so good as bride radio bills drug votes than healthy teeth eight ways well okay i may made that up but it it does provide.

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