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What I pick San Diego to get to the serious Why not? You know it takes a big picture. You know if it's a Verlander Gibson effect, you know that And look they I don't know of Paddock is heard or not heard with his ankle, but you still have. In a short Siri's. You'd have this lament who's been terrific. Yeah. And then you got clever Inger at a nowhere is no slouch. And you have a little bit of a bullpen. Brucie. You may be right, Bruce. You may be right. They may be the dark horse team. You know, it's also interesting. How about, um Cueto, Gausman and Smiley coming at you for three games the way, smiley look the other night throwing 96 right out of the gate. I mean, He'll be a starter before long, and that's a load those air three completely different pictures. I mean, talk about a different look every night. Uh, that would be a great thing that giants would have going for him. Yeah, I think Bruce Ah, these games against the Padres. Sure find we find out how good the Giants hitters are. Of course they did very well. This last homestand for hitting a ball roll well, a little bump in the road on Friday, but That's kind of gauge in my eyes on what we can prepare for if the Giants do get in the playoffs, because these are all contending teams they're playing with, except for Seattle. Of course, they play the Padres and they play old Clint next weekend. And in Colorado and then San Diego. So I really feel watching this team are they capable of getting in the playoffs with this club? Yeah, The timing is bad, because, you know, conceivably they don't get any of the San Diego Siri's in and that would really be a shame. You know, they get down there and all of a sudden it's swept out from under him. We'll see Maybe the crisis debates and they and they can play one of those games. But But, yeah, I I agree. You know you've got a face. You've got to face the big boys, and it's nice to have I mean, if you talk about really anybody in the West, you're going to face several teams that are that are really kind of nobody would push you over. But you know they don't. They're way way below 500. They don't have great pitching. And you don't really know quite what you're seeing. But to get in there against San Diego in l a that that that changes everything. I know it's going to be interesting when the playoffs do happen. These teams have not seen each other all year. You know, I love that aspect of it. So you're getting pictures. Now that you know Clevinger hasn't seen the brave so to speak. Yeah. You don't know what's gonna happen. They're on both sides, and it may be revert, reverting back to you know baseball again where you've got to beat a good pitcher, and you've got to do all the little things to win. These playoffs may be the most interesting playoffs we've seen in a long time. Well, I I just love the idea when you get a match up, you know, West versus East Central. Whatever it is The Dodgers. You know cardinals are giants Marla's A. They haven't seen them either all season. They've just been playing the West all year, so there's going to be a lot of fresh looks in the postseason. You know what else? Bruce a 60 game season. I think you're going to get down to this final weekend. Before you're going to find out who the wild card teams are. It's going to go down to the final few games. There's just too many teams that are right in it yet. Yeah, I sure hope everybody's played the same amount of games because you know, the one loss percentage is going to be a decider. And if you get in there because you play one more game or you You know, one more game that you lost in your out, and that's a pretty tough way to go. You know when, when it's it's not. It's not equal, um, way need to get the Cardinals to play those last, you know, 38 games and 17 days and we'll be all right. Hey, First, a couple of baseball history Bill, you're going to enjoy this to 1972 Denny McLain, of course. Now gambling and all the stuff with Annie MacLean faces his last batter. And who's the last batter that Denny McLain faces ever in the major leagues? Pete robes about that for baseball, So I got 1970 Denny McLain, pitcher for the Braves in Atlanta, and he's he's done. He's about to retire. And he comes in the ninth inning of a tie game and immediately gives up a homer to seize our Geronimo. Which proves there's a good one. Yeah, about show. Hey, remember that guy? Sure you've got a base hit, And then here comes Pete Rose. I could just see. Ah McClane going, You know, I'm gonna throw you nothing but low on in curveballs. Three grand says I get you out and Rose goes, Rose goes. You're making five grand. Ah! Rose. Rose Got a base hit. And now here comes Tom House. Out of the bullpen, throwing a football. Look who could've scripted that. That's so great. 1976 and Bruce. You've mentioned it many times. And we sort of joke about the ageless Minnie Minoso on Bill Vac in those days if he was the one, you know, activated Minoso 53 years old and he got a base hit. The oldest ever to get an actual hit in the game. Yeah, that's so great. And ah, you know that he played in this in that made him a five decade guy along with rock. But 10 years later he keep Henry didn't retire. He went down to the Mexican League..

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