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News today, and we got to make a joke about it loud noise allow truck driving my garage right now, and it's very hot, very hot in his garage. Yeah. Christian news is so slow. Like it's like, oh, this other Baptists are meeting this week. Nobody cares for the southern Baptist whereas current events that happened nationally. It's like people people. It's something that you can really hook into an because everybody knows what's happening and sometimes what makes a joke, funniest. How quick you are to like throw it out there. Yeah, that's one huge problem with, like Twitter, this kind of topic, but with Twitter and mean pages. And like as soon as something happens every jokes men told within five minutes, so you really do have to compromise unique perspective to make it work. So just finishing up the history of the Babylon side, you actually become like I chief eventually he said. Oh kyle. You are now the, the head writer bologna, which, how far was that three or four months, I think kind of head writer and how often are you right before that? I kept writing the same. He said, I'm going to name, you hit Rodney's got named. So from getting your writing my multiple articles a day I was emailing in three or four articles a day. From in your professional comedian. I was working fulltime on these indie supply side of the construction industry, which means I sold stuff to consider. Fire hydrants and stuff. Fire hydrants pipeline, under it was underground pipeline for anyone who knows the industry and cares estimating, I I'm like more about that. I think there's a there's a scene in the office where Jin says that if he ever quits, the paper industry will have all this useless knowledge. That's why I still have part numbers in my head. I'll never use again, ever know Babylon be crashes and burns, the apocalypse or something to rebuild society. Yeah, but even then we'll go to the park number. I mean, I guess that's journalist apocalyptic world, so about about a year in, I flew out and met. Adam, we wrote a book how to be a Christian that public- water water brook Multnomah, and that was a lot of fun that really I think boosted the sign gap. Got us a lot of publicity. But other than that, I mean, it was just growing anyway. Like it was all viral, we never paid for ads? We never paid for any publicity, and it was just overnight sensation. Never stopped growing, which was just huge blessing. And then a year after that almost exactly I quit my job and working full-time, a man named Seth Dylan who we will have on the podcast Zun bought the website, and he's the cigar smoking rich guy that lives in a giant penthouse, and we eat, never he's always sitting with his back to us, and he has a cat in his lap and things like he owns the backbone or it's like, Georgia's boss, in, in Seinfeld is a silhouette David's voice. So, yeah, south bought the site, and the home, schoolers Seinfeld TV show that on TV any complaints about the secular TV show reference, please Email them to Ethan. So Seth bought the site in that gave us enough funding, basically to hire me on full-time and Adam wanted to get out of it, because he went he moved onto his next project, which is called Christian. Daily reporter kind of a drudge report, he sort of Vilis is like, hijacking I hijack the onion for Christ's the now. He's hijacking. The drudge report for Christ Christian. We're running out of ideas to take from secular culture, man. Yeah, what's next, it's going to get next. I don't know. We can't to genius. Can't get a step ahead of him. Yeah. Yeah. They'll do he'll he'll,.

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