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The new interchange construction you may expect delays on the Clark memorial second street bridge that's due to an inspection our next report is in fifteen minutes chucking removes radio eight forty WHAS WLKY meteorologist Matt Milosevic with the Wednesday forecast I will continue to have this dodging chances of showers and storms not an all day wash out will be warm and muggy with highs near eighty one lows down to sixty seven tonight will continue to see that chances some pop up showers and storms tomorrow with highs near eighty four better chances of showers and storms round out the week on Friday with a high of eighty two that'll bring in drier air for the weekend with highs in the seventies that's your WLKY forecast I meteorologist Matt Milosevic breaking news weather and traffic station this is news radio eight forty WHAS your new ten thirty yard will Clark news radio eight forty W. H. J. S. the man seen acting in effigy of governor Beshear outside the capital over the weekend is now out of a job one of the demonstrators seen participating in the hanging of an effigy depicting governor Andy Beshear Sunday is now out of a job the Neil help an automotive group in Louisville announced the man's termination on Twitter Tuesday evening after it said it conducted an internal investigation the company says it does not condone threats of violence in any form whether they be a call to action or an implied threat the individual has not been identified I'm John Gallagher newsradio eight forty WHAS from Kentucky's capital we head to the nation's capital that's where we find president trump he's mad at Twitter that after the social media site flagged one of his tweets part of an effort by the company to curb false and misleading tweets ABC's Karen Travers has the latest president trump Wednesday morning issuing a threat to social media platforms reading that Republicans.

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