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Micro um my ex been is the it wanted told me about this conspiracy theory and i didn't want to even hear it but he had a point um you mentioned that there was a senator in arizona none none former state again on route who by the way may or may not either there is some controversy as to how serious as seriously she is into the camp trails phenomenon but go ahead okay there's a lotta people nor kerekou looking into that uh family i should say which i am anti lfm her death because that's really got me he rain could need that uh a contract which i've seen all my life you don't wanna get airplane goes by that would different um dissipate is that correct where it right is condensate john right right but a contro dating from the air and the campaign trail amatori across all across arizona and from the plane states you know and they said oh ho hum cropdusting and things like that but this guy in arizona tip and set riddled nathan is all over here land then he did get that rainfall and then he put all the rain from after kim health came down which is different prakan trial and he put it in a big jr took it and have asked right when we think he found in there were very um and bury anisa berry talk it um kimiko on now elementary on that periodical chart okay this is this is based upon your ex husband i want to leave it but he held on hold hold on an old on who do you think is spraying these kim trails in the sky and why i don't know i just know that the guy on we can all do they experiment are south because i like science we can all put out um you know jars and our yard and take it down and he would actually in there because if it so easy to employ gone wild on hold on if it so easy to experience what's in there why why haven't any more formal investigators universities or or science labs or anyone with any serious credentials at all said anything about these campaign trail socalled which are actually contrary us but why not i couldn't tell you why and i ain't ain't undercut theory in theory and.

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