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I think you know gives you flexibility on that. They can go to the interior like say like say Shake Shack, Mason goes down or something like that. I think one of the options is wind goes to guard Brown going to left tackle and then her own place, right tackle. Yes, what are the options. So I sort of I look at the flexibility that they have on the offensive line and I and I felt comfortable that we could buy another interior roster spot from the interior offensive line and I and I think it'll work out that way. Yeah. The interior o-line people know the names. Mason Andrew. So I knew in Charis and really I'm This is the top three offensive line and football, if they stay healthy and the only thing I would say is if Sherman doesn't work out, I would love to see another tackle. Another kind of Swing guy there, I think that's the one spot where they could afford some more depth. If Sherman is a garden, not a tackle, or he just as a stink bomb at Camp. I would like to see another tackle in the mix. Hopefully maybe like you said, Cunningham, pop off, maybe Moonlight, Graham does something but you know, overall the offensive line is a top-three unit if they're healthy their studs and they should help this football team. All right. So there's your there's your first shot at the offense. Looking at the 53. Another story that popped up this week and a lot of people have been tweeting about it. A lot of people have been trying to figure out who he was talking about. Tom Brady is going to be on an episode of the shop uninterrupted, this Friday, and he decided to call the fellow quarterback, a mother bleeper. So we're all trying to figure out he's talking about his free agency and the fact that this team In question was not going to hang in until the end and he was saying, hey, you're going to stick with that mother bleeper and everybody's trying to figure out who the MFR is. Greg, who do you think the MFR is? I think it's Mitch trubisky. My runner-up would be Jared Goff in the Rams. I just, I just took that. I know I saw the comment. Everybody was like wage, I saw the comment because on Twitter, Twitter, on the side said, like what's trending, and it was Garoppolo and I clicked on it was this Brady thing and everybody's like oh he's doing Jimmy dirty and blah blah, blah and life. What people have to understand is you have to go back. Well, if assuming Brady, is being honest about his Feelings.

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