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Entertainment update heard at the top of every hour on my talk one of +71. So what's new in your world? Kelly Ripa, your friend Steve posted a picture of her husband and his friend dressed his Ponch and Jon from chips. She put this on her instagram, but with some throwback Halloween pictures throughout the years. The only thing people could focus on was Mark and swallows Very tight pants. Yes, and yeah, Yeah, I saw the picture. Yeah, I did not see it. I'm going to go Look at it. Okay, we'll just for research purposes of exactly Hey, said just to be fair. I think that's definitely a shadow. That's causing that bulging effect. And Kelly said, Baby, are you seeing shadows? Oh, you spicy little mean I didn't see anything. Be careful, man. I can't believe this is a thing. It's like the were objectifying these men, But were Phil mad when they do it to us? Good. Fine, Okay. Blew up, guys. I don't know what happened. Donna Team Consuelo. Sharp protecting Mark. Yes, Okay, cope. It's going to change a lot about how movies and TV are produced. But it's not going to come between Jack and Rebecca on. This is us, Milo Ventimiglia says. Quote Mandy Moore and I were inches away on Saturday, doing a few scenes together. She's regularly tested. I'm regular test. Isn't it weird to talk about that surrounding intimacy seems sounds like a Exactly Hey, said. You're not going to see Jack Dahl or dummy or Rebecca dummy or Mandy kissing the jack dummy or vice verse. It's going to be really It's not gonna be that you can until somebody comes down with it, And then things might change. And then there's a dummy sudden, right. The Atlanta Falcons lost yesterday, but they it's because they scored a touchdown. The problem was they scored too soon and left enough time for the clock for the Lions to retake the lead. Isn't that too bad? Oh, man, That was crazy. There were there were a couple of crazy finishes yesterday. Yeah, Falcons running back. Todd Gurley tried to stop short of the end zone, but he fell into it. I mean, just it's all crazy right now. Even baseball was really weird. So they're just all trying to do their best sports talk. Donna Yep..

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