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To remind folks Flores toy stores bookstores clothing store shoe stores music stores and sporting good stores are open for curbside pickup and you can pick up items in the car or as a pedestrian public health director Dr Barbara Ferrer says officials hoped to decide on all county beaches next week dozens of people who work for a U. seventy national park concessionaire being evicted from their employee housing about ninety laid off shuttle bus drivers and transportation workers have been told by era mark they must be out of their company housing by may twenty first park shuttles are not expected to start running again Yosemite until early next year Knott's berry farm has re opened its markets off people the famous chicken boysenberry pie that goes back ninety years this mother and daughter duo says the boysenberry was created by Walter Knott and his friend he named it the voice very after his best friend in the boysenberry is the raspberry the blackberry in the in the login there is the not family out of the famous ghost town to entertain the crowds that showed up with the boys and berries and this is not so tasty chicken the theme park remains closed because of cold at nineteen but the berry market bakery and chicken restaurants are open for takeout only let's head to the practice clearing in diamond bar on the fifty seventh that's northbound at the sixty it was black in the carpool lane everything's over to the shoulder now and your traffic has recovered at their if you're insane demands on the fifty seven north bound at via Verde last fall both those us about cars blocking the three right lanes so you're seeing heavy delays on the ten and in Ontario in the sixty eastbound at the fifteen is a work phone there has to be connected to the northbound and southbound fifteen closed up until Monday five AM if you're seeing some stop and go traffic there from about Archibald Avenue you can't find this guy helps get you there faster a Pedro merino so what do you do if you have a serious dental issue you're in a lot of pain abscess you need a two site dealt with immediately and faction at cetera we have won a couple choices you can go to the emergency room which version I'm going to go to these days you can go to your dentist who is no doubt closed because.

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