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Benefit being a police commissioner of someone with hands on experience in every community, Dan sources say Grass has a wellspring of support from powerful business leaders in the city. That Shearer WBZ Boston's news radio, It's now 5 20 the crackling sounds of freedom. WBC's Chris Pharma, saying many are taking solace during this pandemic in front of a warm, cozy fire. There's something inviting about the crackles of a roaring fire in the cold of winter. And those soothing sounds are waiting for you. Courtesy of the trustees with their fire pit Saturdays at Poetic Farm in Dover and Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough, also available on select Fridays and Sundays at Brooklyn's in Harvard and Appleton Farm in Ipswich. Each fire pit accommodates up to six people with tables or benches available. Some locations even have s'mores kids. All you have to do literally is book online and show up DEA. Hayden is with the trustees. When you arrive, you will be directed to your fire pit. We will have someone there who will have that fire roaring tending to it. So all you need to do is enjoy. Chris Mama WBZ Boston's NewsRadio s of Entertainment news. It has been While since we have heard this familiar TV theme, HBO Max is bringing back a new chapter of the show Sex and the City called, uh, And just like that, Sarah Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all returning for the reboot. But actress Kim Control will not be reprising her role as Samantha, citing a toxic relationship. Between her and her former classmates. It is five or castmates. Rather, it's 5 21 on this Monday morning, we'll check traffic and weather together. Next make WBZ news radio.

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