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We are fortunate to have this gentleman back again this week. He is the 2021 WSOP player of the year one over a $1 million this last series and for us to kick off the 2022 year with him. It is an absolute honor to bracelets this summer for overall, as I mentioned one over a million in the 2021 WSOP four final tables, 11 cash. That doesn't even include the one he won on that he finished online where he finished fourth for almost a 100,000. A phenomenal summer from start to finish, but it didn't start out that way and in Toronto, I think he will even admit he never expected it. Josh Ari here back on the show 2021 WSOP player of the year. Thanks for coming back on my friend. Thanks for having me, man. I enjoy it. Let's talk about it. You enter 2021. Like you said, you didn't play. You don't play much. I guess before a good way to kind of preface it is, what were you doing during COVID? Were you playing much? What was I doing during COVID? I was gaining weight. I was watching, I think every single episode of every show on Netflix. Yeah, that's right. We had a little home game, a group of guys that played from Atlanta. We would play here and there and maybe some sitting goes, some cheap Omaha, some cheap hold on, but other than that, I didn't do much. So going into this 2021 World Series, the plan was for you to be there the entire time, right? What were your expectations? Was it hopefully we'll get some good cashes or be profitable? I had zero expectations. I was there for the whole time because of pocket 5s because of me running pocket 5s. Staking platform, I planned on being there, dealing with the horses, getting players packages posted. But I definitely planned on playing a good amount, but not near what I played. It started off really slow. I think for I was there for two weeks and had no caches. And then finally, I. Broke through with the flip N go. How many times did you have to do the flip N go? I think three or four, I don't remember. It was either three or four, and then finally, I just remember talking to like, okay, finally, I got that out of the way, and now I can play and that's a cash. Yeah. And then I think I had like two other in the money finishes and came home for four or 5 days to hang out with my daughter. And circled that 1500 plo event on the calendar and was like, okay, I'm coming back for that. So flew in the morning of that event and caught some heat and you know from there just like the snowball effect. It's been like that way in my life the whole time. I would, when it's going good, it's going really good. When it's going bad, it goes bad. And so I just knew that I needed a little momentum and when I got that momentum I you know when they gave me the ball, I ran with it..

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