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Into robs john's private moment and just kinda gets right to wear a loss of sun the her hair as a as a memorable shade iasta john responds in classic john fashion and really in classic ned fashion as little later choking little finger in front of nets to choke me day kings landing sursee addresses the recalcitrant lords of the reached nearest with a let us help is one of four hard to our shores is this how the tirol's repay centuries of service she says it's a good pitch and with electra sweetening you know for instance how does warden of the south sound randall tarlov appears ready to clear for house linister but what about the dryades cameras oregon on that you guys know crossbows k now imagine a big crossbow i got the greatest minds in kings landing working day and night on this incredible invention gonna let down a little bit like that's it be crossbow near credito expecting more from rid khyber at the citadel yeah arch maistre ebros examines giora guys what a time one time in our lives to watch this playing out on our screens rose gives the grease scale stricken night ten maybe twenty years to live but i what condition well not great we six months he says before giora is likely to go mad he advises giora generally but also not really use a staring at like you know you need do you will on monday as do literally any speaking time as you see fit the fact that i'm staring at and only at the sword right behind you means nothing interpreted as you see fit he is obviously.

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