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Here we go. Stay for a while. Don't touch the radio. Listen to that and stay tuned for some giggles and last go. We hold these truths to be self evident. All men and women created by go, you know, you know the thing. Welcome to the planet Mikey show. Yes, we know the thing, but do you, mister president, know the thing. Do you know the thing? Welcome to this episode, I have a quarter of a million downloads later. We finally hit that goal of ours, which is a 180 episodes of the planet Mikey podcast. And my special thanks to Bill Smith and Ben kitchen without whom it would be just a show about orangutans. Which is coming up. Within a few weeks, we're going to have that. In fact, we're going to have a couple orangutans in here. People that call it orangutan. Yeah. I know there's no G on the end. No, I think it's spelled orangutan. Orangutan is correct. But people don't ever say that, and if they do, it's like stupid. It makes them sound stupid. I know that everybody says a ring. They're the Illinois. Exactly. Which you mentioned a couple podcasts. You hate them. Anybody comes in here and says Illinois is going to be problems. Big problems. Ben is going to jump on him and beat the living. Right. It is long hairy arms. I'll shoot video of that and we'll post it. Oh, good. You know, I look at the camera monitor here. Now we're on now that we're on YouTube. For those of you that would rather watch this, you can't imagine there's a lot of you. Yeah, you have a but if you do want to watch this, you can do that on YouTube. How do they do that, Ben? Tell everybody. They go to YouTube dot com slash planet Mikey. And I'm slash planet Mikey slash. Or just go to YouTube dot com and in that little search bar, you type in planet Mikey. Okay, because I may want to watch it one of these days. You know what I'm saying? Do you? Sometimes I do like to watch myself. Do you ever find do you ever find it odd to watch yourself on a TV show and wonder? Was that really you? Does that mean? Yeah. Yeah, I was doing, you know, 5 hours of live television a week, and no, I did not want them. I'll tell you what though. Here's the thing. I think I look much better on camera than I do in person. Let me have a look here. Hold on. Let's see. Yeah, you do look pretty good there. Where's my TV smile, ready? I'm gonna do this for the day. For those of you that I'm not watching on YouTube, I'm doing a smile into the camera right now. Where's the cameras on top of the car? Okay, ready? What are you saying? He's got horse teeth. Yeah, so anyway, we're here, Bill Smith. Take a bow. Thank you. Okay. You know, I have a lot of ship jokes. Ship. As an ocean going vessel? Yeah. Like Howard Stern would take a bow. Right? All right, you know what I'm saying, what I'm saying? Brittany old poop deck. I have, I keep my jokes filed by category. So if you name a category, I can go off with stupid dad jokes and puns. You have like a thematic system to your anytime you want. The other night I was working with Jeff deal at his fundraiser. In Malden. And we read a bowling alley. A big, that big, what's it called? Max mix 360 six 360. Bowling alley. I didn't know that, but I figured great place. Hey, you know, he's on a roll. I get my mind out of the gutter for this one. Okay, you know, these are jokes about bowling. And I said, okay, I'll spare you. The bowling jokes. You did this in front of the crowd. Yeah, it goes. In fact, I better split. You know, it was like, and then I said, dad. Is this covering the camera now? There you go. Yep. We're 5 minutes in, we haven't done shit. Nope, I know. We could thank the sponsors. That's productive. First of all, we have our tonight sponsors, which is bet online dot AG. I'll get to that in a second. I want to always mention my grandma's world famous coffee cake, which we gave one to John fiore last week, and he loves them. One 808 grandma is the number to call if you ever need a last minute gift that's beautiful and perfect and classy and yummy. The one 808 grandma is the toll free number or go to my grandma dot com and order somebody a coffee cake. It's not just a little dinky coffee cake. It's a big giant for the whole family. You've had them. Delicious. The problem is you can't. You can't stop eating. You can't well. Yeah. Will you can pass out the coffee cake I got the last one. I opened it up and pulled it out of the wrap. Jumped in your lap. I sat it down and gave it a. Oh, that smells good. You know the smell you can smell it right now. Yeah. And I took off a wedge and it was about maybe three inches wide. Before I cut, I went two more inches. The whole damn thing. Of course. 'cause it's delicious. And delectable. My grandma's coffee cake, the best in the world. And tell them Mikey sent you. Shaoxing firearms of Bill ricka? That's right, Vinny. The gunsmith extraordinaire Vinnie. Italian gunsmith extraordinary. He's great, man. This guy, you know, he crafts, I went in there for a tour. And he's got all the guns and everything he's in, all the ammo. But in the back is his workshop and what he does is he makes guns from nothing and you wouldn't believe that he'd talk about an artisan. The guy is really, really good at what he does. But they're not ghost guns. No, no, they're real guns real collector items. Handcraft and you can repair anything. You bring it in, he knows all about it. At Shawshank firearms of Bill Rick. You know, and we like to give these guys free plugs because they deserve it. We don't put any advertiser on the podcast that isn't great. Then the product isn't great. Isn't that right, Ben? Right. You're the quality control inspector. Yes, I am. I want to mention Mike Stacy's golf instruction. At shining rock, which is my home golf course. I know I mentioned last week. Yeah. Mike Stacy, if you go to Mike Stacy golf dot com STA Stacy, golf dot com. And he has group lessons. He has individual lessons. He can teach anybody anything what's wrong with their swing and make it better. Mike Stacy golf dot com. Could he fix my slice? He can fix anything golf related. Yeah. If it's a slice like if you cut yourself shaving. Thanks. One 800 get here. Look at my hair. Look at my hair. It's beautiful. It's my own hair. Oh my God. It's my own real hair growing out of my own head and reasons my own hair because they take the hair from where you don't have any. When you have a lot and put it where you don't have any and it grows because it's your own hair, just a simple relocate. Leonard hair transplant associates. Doctor Matthew la presti, one 800 get here. You get a free no obligation consultation if you're balding, just call them because it's free. They'll tell you what's up. You know, other hair doctors around the country consult with these guys. They get it done right. Yeah, first they call me and I say yeah, okay, go ahead. And.

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