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When ROY mouths mom should set next at the Oscars dot com is live if indeed that happens Lindsey, you're gonna take the reins on this one because I truly I truly I don't know that. I mean, it's the Kardashian burn out that we've discussed before, you know, to to the point of exhaustion, but I don't really I'm not sure if it's because I'm being too cynical. And I think it's just promo for the show which premieres end like three weeks, which certainly is. I don't understand why we care about Jordan woods. I thought like Jordan woods could kill someone on maybe like yawn. What's interesting about this is it reminds me of when Kylie was pregnant, and we also said is this promo for the show and the answer was yes. And no was she really pregnant. Yes. Was the promo for the show. Yes. Like in. It's unbelievable. How they work on two levels. This one is more like because. She is a good thing. Like, it was it was good. So it ended up being like to positive things as promotion versus a negative fake thing for promotion. His at first I was kind of like is this a fake thing for promotion. I mean khloe in Tristan already kind of have a rocky relationship. Maybe it was like, oh, you know, whatever. But I don't feel like this really throws Jordan under the bus in a way that is not. I don't think she would sacrifice herself. Or be asked to sacrifice herself. Like this in the name of show that she really isn't even on. Okay. So who's Jordan once Jordan woods is Kylie jenner's longtime best friend they met when they were literally like teenagers, really young. They met maith grade two were introduced by a longtime friend of both the woods and the jenner's Jaden Smith the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Smith Jordan's father, John was a sound engineer of the fresh prince of Bel-Air, okay, and physically Jordan became like kylie's. Dont best friend. What is your vice for to keep a friendship forever? You just can't put too much pressure on them. You have to understand each other and be open to communicating with how you feel understandings the two things that worked with us lower already. We have a personality that just kind of matches. So I can go two days without talking to her. I can go to talking to her, but nothing will change we've ever gone to talking more. So like two hours, but and respect for each other, whatever Jordan herself is a model. Does a lot of modeling. And now that she's like an influence our show has a fitness line. And she goes all this stuff. I interviewed her once for profile, and she was so incredibly boring. I could not stand it because I also because I profiled three of four women or three women in the same. No four women the same day. Like, I interviewed them back to back. And she was like the last one I interviewed and ready interviewed like sky Jackson Oriole winter by also be at. That's what Jaden and Will Smith in the slew of other cool kids you've likely heard of. But that just means she's got good taste like I had to literally pivot in and out. You know, because I'm a talent. -ted as writer. I know. Thank you. So Jordan woods this week. While we were like really going around the Bush beating around the Bush going around the Bush. We're going around the Bush year me prancing around the Bush skipping. My like ones are so visual versus the actual one. So Jordan, Jordan woods was caught. Smooth ching hanging out with nuzzling cheating with Tristan Thompson that is chloe's boyfriend the father to her child. True. Yes. This is a huge deal because we knew that he was shady he'd already cheated on on khloe before that was on caught on camera. Understanding cheaters g but the twist which there always is is that it was with Jordan, which is like shocking because Jordan, literally lives inside Kylie jenner's house aunt that's a lot to put on the line for like a smooch, or whatever, you know, or whatever else happened..

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