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Quick check on some of the stats than the dead And I think the savagery warning I mean look at the start of the week Boris Johnson warned in the United Kingdom that there was going to be a wave a massive wave inviting people to work from home Sox different people in London telling their staff to work from home Now we've got this latest line use of overnight and inevitability of the UK health adviser saying that the surge in admissions is nailed on And this is this is the critical point This is about the break points in health systems The new COVID-19 strain is proving phenomenal and moving at a phenomenal pace according to Chris witty He's the man that stands up every night at home in the UK and gives the briefing or certainly did through the west of the pandemic But again it's all about the booster shot rollout and the vaccine coverage user Yeah that's what we're looking at here in terms of the percentage of population that will receive at least two doses This is a stark assessment And it means that the threat posed by immigrant comes on the day where we've seen these record number of cases It's going to raise further questions about the kind of steps that this government in the United Kingdom has been taking to tackle the variant And what did the national health service can withstand the surge that we've seen in infections It's a major blow There's also no doubt about that to this administration and the lack of support is something that's going to have longer term impact as well for mister Jones There's additional restrictions coming in South Korea limiting gatherings You've got Canada and vising residents there to avoid non-essential travel So again you're at record infections in the UK We'll discuss through the next 30 minutes on day rate Middle East This is Bloomberg.

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