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Now, do you consider yourself a constitutional lawyer and what's in that parchment and Is it gonna hurt or help Trump? Well, I am not a constitutional scholar. But as an attorney, Of course, I know about the Constitution The Constitution can work for and against Trump. The problem for him is, you know that was that whole issue of whether or not he could even be tried after he was left office. And of course, one of the penalties is that He. If he's convicted, he could potentially not be able to run again. The Constitution puts the safeguards in place to make sure that politicians do not abuse their power. And he was impeached while he was the president. And now the question is, could it be possible that he doesn't run again? I think this is a wake up call for a lot of people and a lot of politicians both on the right and the left that you have to be very careful with what you say, because you're in a position. Unlike any private citizen, and I think whatever happens here in this impeachment trial, it's gonna be a wake up call that you have to be careful who you're speaking to and what could happen and I think that's a good thing for both sides. Well, but Jesse that the only thing that gives me pause there is we have a tradition in this country of fiery political rhetoric. And, you know, I think I'm upon the First Amendment absolutist. I think both sides in the heated political debate do have the rightto make fiery barnstorming speeches. Absolutely. It is their right and particularly politicians. It is a First Amendment right and you can go to a slippery slope. When you start policing what people say It's very different than when you police what people do policing what people said. Shays really is very, very delicate line and that's why we do have you know such strong first remember protections, but it's not absolute. And at this point When you're dealing with a situation where there's a really divisive time and high emotions were dealing about January 6 New administration coming and everybody thinks there's a fake election here in all the supporters. You have to be very careful with the words that you chose, and I don't think that he when he said March peacefully, that might have been somebody told him Or maybe he thought in the back of the head. Maybe I do need to calm this down a bit. Maybe I have to tell them to march peacefully because I think at that moment the pressure was on the climate was really hot. You have to know your environment. You have to know your audience. Jesse Weber Long Crime Network and a host of W O R is always in fashion Saturdays. Eight at night. Sundays is thanks, Jessie. Always a pleasure. Thank you. Thank you Take care, uh, coming up next..

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