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Fact, my name is Lonnie, and my parents actually got the name from Lonny Chapman. So there's that. Better than better than Lonnie Anderson. Yeah. Yeah. But I heard nothing. No, no, no, no, nothing's better than Lonnie Anderson. Well, it would be that was his name. True. That's true. But I wanted to bring up the the old horror hosts I grew up in the mid west. And I remember in the seventies. We had a gentleman named Dr sanguinary oh easily come out in a in a bloody Omaha. Nebraska omaha. Nebraska. Dr sanguinary and then after he retired in the eighties. We gotta lady called macabre macabre wonderful very lot lot. Lot of ladies in the eighties. After elvira. I feel like every every there were a lot of it was another push for for lady horror hosts, including misty brew and a whole bunch of others. But they spent many teenage nights up late watching macabre. And so I'm sure good bad horror movies wonderful. Thank you for sharing macabre with us. I don't I'm not sure if I've heard of macabre before I like that name. Yeah. It's great. Vincent price. He was a great horror type actor wasn't. He. One of the best room Saint Louis. And he was just that. He was great and Edward Scissorhands as the scientists, professor absolutely hosted mystery that show on TBS for years, and of course, so many movies hundreds of mask of the red death. Follow the house of usher return of the invisible man, which he carried that movie with his spectacular voice. So many so many so many so many, you know, a last man on earth. I mean, really Vincent Price was just. Just one of the best horror actors, and what's interesting like a lot of these guys is he thought he was coming to the end of end of his career as an older gentleman. But really that was the beginning of his career, and he gave us he was much more effective as an older actor, then he was as a younger thriller with Michael Jackson. No money for that. That was a cashless deal there. He did a he did the voice for Vincent pry for for the Vincent Price did to break down in the middle of the song where he darkness falls across the land of the midnight hour is close at hand creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighborhood. He did that whole spray down in the middle. And they used it in the Michael Jackson song. And then as as his payment. He got a giant life sized painting of Michael Jackson in his you know, regalia, and it didn't they give him a choice to see if he wanted a little commission of the total take. Elected not to take it. When I heard from David Delvalle is he did it as a favor, and and he got a painting as a as a as a bonus. And and then his his wife is like we had to get rid of this painting and Winston prices like, oh, no, no. So they just had a giant painting Vincent Price in their house somewhere in. He he worked right up until he died the knee. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I think Edward Scissorhands was his last, and I think he worked right up until he died he loved to work. And I think that you know, if you can spend your whole life doing something that you love, and and people appreciate why not wasn't he in the original house on the haunted hill. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. He was he was the mastermind and. Invited everyone to the house on haunted hill and promptly got them all drunk and gave them guns because that's what you do. When you've got ghosts. Next up. Let's go to Johnny in Augusta Georgia before the break. Welcome to the show, Johnny go ahead. Yes. Hey, this is Johnny and Augusta. Good to talk to you, George. You too, sir. Yeah. I was gonna tell you this you probably could've told the story better in your own words, but we had a count just insane. That was our local. Justin sane. That's nice. I like it. Yeah. Yeah. Always with the horror host, right? They're always had the punny names. He had the name. But in the in the somewhat, you know, hey, end on this, Michael Jackson note. But you know, he had demise years later about ten years ago matter of fact. Convicted for. Yeah. Exactly, you're breaking up a little bit at the you're saying that he was a pedophilia. Is that is that what we're going with this? I would not going there. Okay. Good. San Francisco and San Diego. They had a show called disaster piece theater. You remember that? Yes. I do. Remember that vaguely skits and everything. Yeah. Absolutely. Of course, I always watched creature features with Bob Wilkins. But yeah, there were a lot of other ones going on. There was I forgot the one with s motives, but he was another bay area horror host, and there was Whitey Gleason who hosted frightened night theater. There's just a ton of them. I love these names. They came up with further. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. All a lot of them. Have a great great punny names like. Mt. Graves and stuff like lobster. Best is not a bad name either. Bob fast is the best. Twentieth anniversary. And of course, the meteorite fell to earth in nineteen fifty eight and Louis came out. And of course, well at the end of the movie they freeze it, right? They send it to the anti Arctic. And I I love the line at the end of the movie, which always gets a laugh today, which is you know, we'll be safe as long as the Arctic stays exactly we're going to be back with final calls with Mr. logo on.

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