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See any deserves any dangerous grace of situation a few days later though this YouTube video was being shown on state television complete with Sionis the soundtrack the label the protests as a pogrom I did singled out Olga and Dimitri it claimed that they had handed the baby to the protest lead up to help him escape from police investigators opened a criminal case for endangering the child thoroughly in saying thank you for meeting the man on the video is all this concern she says they all went home together that day and there were no place to be seen yeah sure so so gay eventually cool the place to turn himself in for questioning August cousin is now one of a dozen protesters facing long prison sentences the right thing the almost all of the violence of these opposition protests has come from please but for Olga and Dimitri it doesn't send them Moscow prosecutors have since applied to the courts to take both the children into cat at all because of that same video on YouTube that shows strong with crow punishing called kids because we are both parents the family and now in a nervous wait for the court hearing it is warm but checking off of parents who may have taken that children to the protests that's the BBC Sarah Rainsford in Moscow this is the creation of Joe true and friends the product of a musical mission to give bluegrass a Latin twist Joe's from the Blue Ridge mountains of North.

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