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I can hit that at least four out of 7 times. Pretty regularly. 8 inches ain't real big, 40 or 50 yards. No, it's not. But and that goes back to what rob Latham and I were saying, you can do this if you work at it. Most people, well, two things. Let me throw this up. Most people don't work at it, but also most people have very low expectations for themselves. And they think, well, I could never do that. Never having said, well, let's figure out how I can get to that point. Because I shoot lousy at 7 yards and I think they were like a deputy at 40 yards. Well, you know what? You need to learn to be able to put all your shots into about two inches. Yeah, you got to be able to do two inches at 7 yards easy, right? Yep. And confidence is everything. If you practice confidence growth. There it is. There it is. Look, I got a scooter. I appreciate the call. Great call, sir. I want to get Travis in your own four real quick. Travels, I got about one minute, so throw it out there if you would, please. Okay, Tom. So just a scenario that I worry about. You talked about the Indianapolis shooter 22 year old the other day. Well, I do think as a hero. But what do you think about this scenario where you hear gunshots going off in a mall and that many people are around? And you don't know where they came from at first. And let's say there's more people caring. This gentleman pulls out his gun to defend what's going on, and by the time somebody else with a gun recognizes who's shooting, they don't know who's the shooter. And you end up being shot because it looks like a gang war going on in a mall or it looks like maybe you were the shooter. You know? Yes. No, no. That is a very real concern. And I've said for years, look, I understand that if I get into one of these deals, I'm trying to shoot the bad guy, there is a chance that I could get shot by the police. There's also a chance I could get shot by another bad guy, and you got to figure out if you're willing to take that chance. That is, no, the scenario you describe is very real world. It is not like crazy imagination, and it's very possible. I also would say that most of the time, other people can look at you and figure out that you're not a gangbanger, you're not just blowing shots all over, by the way you conduct yourself, by the way, you move, by the way, you shoot, you probably will be identified as a good guy. It doesn't mean you need to be stupid about it. As soon as you get through shooting, you put the gun back in your holster when the police arrive, you're prepared to be arrested, be prepared to be handcuffed. Don't be holding a gun standing over a body when

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