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Seven good afternoon AT is five o'clock I'm Pamela for with your top stories Davidson county sheriff Derren hall says longtime criminal justice advocate Alex Friedmann planted loaded guns and extra ammo as part of what would have been a massive escape plan before the new downtown jail open the staff loves everybody here to understand this was this was identified by the staff they're working behind me in December and I had that original rest not occurred at this press conference to be a totally different situation Alex Friedman was arrested in January accused of disguising himself as a construction worker and stealing keys for which eighteen hundred locks had to be replaced today he's charged with the class a felony vandalism and is being held on a two point five million dollar bond at the Tennessee department of corrections sure fall spoke with Phil Valentine earlier this afternoon you can hear that conversation going to our podcast page at ninety nine seven W. T. N. dot com the first major test of billionaire Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign is about to play out in Las Vegas where he will be on the democratic debate stage for the first time Jeff Zeleny is in Las Vegas and he says the candidates will be taking aim at Bloomberg's including now front runner Bernie Sanders they're fighting over electability ideology health and even wealth Bernie Sanders saying it's obscene how much of his fortune Michael Bloomberg is trying to spend to rewrite the rules of this democratic presidential contest Michael Bloomberg as he makes his first appearance on stage is trying to cast this as a two person race saying he's the most electable in other news secretary of state Mike Pompeii is in Saudi Arabia Pompeii arrived in the country today and the case of Saudi American doctor while lead but he is expected to be discussed he and many family members haven't been allowed to leave the country as.

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