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And good way to start off our leadoff hitter. A prison reds conversation. Get you caught up on headlines. A little bit more will get it rock enrolling our carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Six, twenty, eight, seven hundred wwl. wrol carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Let's take care of some headlines then we'll go start with the reds. Update Derek Dietrich who missed the first two weeks of the preseason camp after he tested positive. For covid, nineteen requested and received his release today. Dietrich was working at a Pasco Park was not placed on the reds opening day, thirty man roster and other reds news late day today at the Ballpark Nick. Castanos said he's good to go. After being hit in the back by Tyler Malley pitched, we hit in the back and at the base of the neck which. Stone a bit more than more than a little but. He says he's good to go. Mike Getting some at bats tomorrow night night's the reds and tigers. Tomorrow Night I got to exhibition games the action here on seven hundred WWL W. The pirates are willing to open up. PNC Park to the Toronto Blue Jays to play their season. This year Canadian government ruled over the weekend. The Blue Jays can't play in Toronto because of covid nineteen. Nineteen so the pirates would split time and PNC with the blue jays pro football. The NFL and its players union have reached agreement to test players on a daily basis for the first two weeks of Training Camp New Jersey's governor Phil Murphy has announced there will be no fans at jets and giants games this year at metlife stadium, due to the pandemic, and you see football news today. Today three bearcats named the watch list for the Jim. Thorpe award presented annually to the nation's top defensive back in college, Football Safety Derek, forest sophomore. Gardner the corner and Senior Safety James Wiggins UC, the only school with three players on the forty nine person watchlist, MLS FC Cincinnati facing New York Red Bulls Wednesday night eight o'clock from Orlando Right. Let me do this. Let me open. Open up the lines. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound seven hundred on at and T. is opening day We reds that leads us into some conversation. Take your calls and you will hear from both reds catchers to the reds catchers in this next half hour. Some really good stuff. Kirk Caselli Sally on the crowd noise and Tucker Barnhart. Relief he's felt after giving up switch hitting all of it as we roll on its are an L. carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Time Six thirty eight seven hundred WWL W. it's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister? Thanks for being here. We'll take it till nine. Rachel's in tonight for Gary Jeff Walker nine to midnight. Thanks for all the tweets I'm Atlanta's mcallister twitter feed is presented by my friends at barley corns. They have three locations in northern. Kentucky and they are hiring at each of those locations. Thanks to Burley Corns for presenting the twitter feed quick, follow up in their own wants you to hear a couple of things at Kirk. Sally said. Today or a over the weekend what Chris Welch said about Shogo. The most fundamentally sound reds player since Scott Rolen. And he said you're GONNA love it. I go back to what David Bell said last week when he was two weeks news here on Sports, talk and he talked about show goes approach at the plate. Approaching it as a craft was the word he used. The baseball I Q. The ability to run the bases. You may not steal a lot of bases, but one thing you saw him do yesterday. He singled on a on a chopper up the middle. Joey votto was up next and Joey flared one to right and Shogo went I a third like it was nothing. If, Shogo can get on base. What that does to jump start this offense. Last legitimate on BASS GUY team had was Shinsu chew in two thousand thirteen. Think of what it does to the rest of that batting orders at falls into place, and just think about all those little things that when you are when you're described the way Chris Welch described him. You're hitting the cutoff man. You're throwing to the right base. You're taking the extra base. You're hitting behind the runners. All of those things are huge, and it seems as though they're just. They come naturally a second nature to show Gawky. That's him as a baseball player and I love that. Kirk Rally said something, a couple of things that that stuck out with eight, and the more I hear, Kirk talk and he was with segued for a while during the the Doug had interviews during the last baseball, but Kirk Sally one has a as a great voice to. He has really good insight into the game he could articulated in threes got a sense of humor, and if you add all that up, I tweeted this earlier I. Think Kirk Alec can be a baseball analyst someday whether it's TV or radio MLB. Network whatever it is, he's a really smart guy. Can talk the game baseball and inject a little bit of humor in it and I? I've always enjoyed what he's been on the show with me as well. He was asked about remember last week. We talked to MLB DOT. COM ranked the top ten starting rotations in baseball, and they write the reds third and I did a topic on that now we talked about the depth, the quality and depth of that read starting rotation Kurt was asked about it any said third. I think three is a little low I think this should be higher I think our staff did something crazy last year with with a turnaround that they did you know from dozen eighteen two dozen nineteen. They put in a lot of hard work the DJ Caleb. They did a lot of work on their own and. We came together as a staff for sure I mean are if you look at our lineup of? Are Starting reducing. Excuse me, I mean! On paper, it's scary and in real life. It's even scarier and I'm not I. don't even think it's top. Heavyweight people are saying I. Think when you you know you guys like disco. Fonteyn Wave Miley get just lost because the top three are just so talented, but. Wade through Friday night Napoli Card might team up and disco throws about the most untalkative about ninety six, ninety seven in the big league, so he's got wipe out slider. So from that perspective I think we're really good, I think. I think we're both ends. Accept Challenge and and and. Do what they did last year in and take a step up. Into two thousand and twenty I think he'll be better. Lorenzo is going to be better. guy like Pedro. STROKE IS GONNA. Come in and add some to our door Volkan. Amir Stevenson. These guys, these guys all have caliber experience now they have a lot of experience in and hopefully stars go as long as possible, and they won't have too much, but when they get in. They're gonNA. They're gonNA. Close the door and help us preserve someone's bill. That was good stuff on raids rotation low at three overall on paper. It's scary in real life. It's even. Even scarier reds catcher, Kirk Sally and I loved his answer when he was asked about it. I think everybody's wondering what.

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