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I thought we did a pretty darn good job of it and you know in events. Even daily events really pushed to keep tournaments balanced tables balanced. It was something i heard coming in when i first took the role over back in twenty eighteen and i really focused on it. I think we've done. I'm really nice job of that. So and it's something. I will continue to focus on so so there i mean. I hope that it's kind of a lot of talk. But i hope that covers kind of a whole process of why i want. Why you wanna keep the tables as many as possible to eat at least open up now. I will tell you this. We are going to be nine handed going forward. We were ten headed prior to the pandemic. so let is one change. That i am making You know in part. Because i am raising rake a little bit and tda has their. That's their preferred tournament style. Going forward is nine handed. Short of you know special event kind of things. But they have recommended nine handed as the norm and i would like to stick with that as much as possible and plus doesn't hurt to have a little bit extra space at the table. They were all big guys here. We like to get those elbows knees involved. I you know. We haven't met in person. Jim but i'm pretty big so it's a little bit. Don't john's not as big as it used to be but he could probably on a lot. He's to be sure well. I think it's it's good to know. We've all gone through kobe. And we've witnessed a number of businesses. Were not able to survive so we have to remember everything. Here is a two way street so if if we don't as players make it so that running ace's can make a profitable business than we don't have a place to play so you know we've gotta look at it both ways..

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