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Sports edge I'm your host Rick wolf well let me just say this to start you know I'm I'm well aware that many many times on the show I tend to focus on the issues and problems that plague our world of youth and amateur sports you know what I get that and I'm sure you do as well but sometimes I have to remind myself to to take a Paul's and to to step back and to reflect on some of those simply amazing stories that do take place in the world of youth and amateur sports and this morning well before we get to a to a sports edge police blotter incident about a deadhead who ran out on the wrestling mat and tackled his son's opponent during a match here that that really happened well first I want to tell you about a couple of teenagers who didn't let their personal anger or frustration or disappointment get in the way of making their dreams come true in sports now I have to tell you over the years I found that young athletes in particular love to hear these kinds of true stories because it helps to to reinforce to them that dreams really can come true although sometimes it at rather unexpected ways and as I tell you these two stories this morning keep in mind the next time your your youngster hits hits a rough patch in their budding sports career okay here's the first one this first kid was an ice hockey player actually he was a was a goalie and he grew up in British Columbia and Canada and it was a very very good goalie he played hockey all the time right up until the round the age of sixteen and as he climbed the ladder and competed against other hockey goalies in the began to try out for the top junior eighteens in his area well the truth is it became increasingly apparent that this youngster he was good but he was not destined to someday play in the National Hockey League discourage the teenager gradually began to give up on his ice hockey dream didn't know quite sure what he wanted to do next but as he sort of looked around try other sports and one you he was a terrific athlete he found that even though he hadn't played much baseball in his life turned out to be not just good of baseball but terrific athlete with exceptional skills power and quickness so around the age of sixteen or seventeen he really began to focus his attention to baseball and by the time he was eighteen he really was drawn the attention of pro scouts in Canada well yeah not for ice hockey but for baseball now I think you you probably you know the rest of Larry Walker story hand and the moral the still tale well of course Larry Walker didn't give up and of course he didn't specialize in just one sport okay I I mention the Lori Walker story because again growing up in British Columbia he wanted to play like many many Canadian kids just local hockey and that's what he did take one of his best friends growing up in his neighborhood was a future NHL stars came nearly so Larry was very very focused on playing hockey it just when he realized it got to the the junior a tryouts begin to realize in this is not working the way I wanted to he then said okay image rises baseball he didn't need to come first he didn't play much baseball as a kid but if you get into it you played more and more and began to really develop okay the second story it's about a teenager well in his very first season of professional baseball he's playing the low minors he made an astounding fifty six errors in one season at Greensboro in the south Atlantic league is back in nineteen ninety three the south Atlantic league is often referred to as the the Sally now I gotta tell you fifty six errors as a former pro ball player myself that is a lot of errors by an infielder and I will tell you that yeah fact I actually play Lassally myself a lonely for nineteen ninety three and I made a lot of errors but looking back at the record books I found the Irene made about eighteen in one season in a southerly and yes I know trust me I've been there are done this the fields in the Sally we're not good they were full of pebbles and rocks and they're always as hard as asphalt you know baked by the Carolina sun the lights at night were weak but as I said you know fifty six errors that that is a ton of errors but even that kids that young shortstop he persevered and he worked on his defense in the offseason endlessly word about his career he wanted no how can I can prove by myself and of course he did and by the following year not only has his game improved dramatically in the offensive category but of course he grew up to become Derek Jeter now these are both true stories both inspirational and yet they both focus on how young athletes deal with adversity as they make their way in sports and of course as we know blurry Walker Derek Jeter now both hall of Famers but again this to me is the beauty and the fun of youth sports because you never know you never know what's going to happen as as young talented athletes who are determined begin to grow up and spread their wings it's it's as simple as that and again if you would time we could turn back the clock back to these kids were teenagers he looked at Lori Walker put away is his goalie pads say well who knows maybe a he does run as a hockey goalie but maybe that's just the way it is used nor going to play hockey and how do I get a job and and do something else in life but to a lucky break the end up playing baseball the Montreal Expos scout famous scout named Jim fanning this cover him playing baseball and of course item and became Larry Walker and was there Jeter course yes he was a first round pick but even back in those early days there is no guarantee that their Jeter was ever going to go on to become the superstar he is and the fact is you know he had to spend a lot of nights lot of evenings spent a lot of times calling home back to Kalamazoo Michigan you know trying to get support and comfort was parents as to what this is all about and really ever in fact you know get to the next level then again this is what kids go through it is a grind it is tough but they always need to know from you as a sports parent they need they turn to you for support for a smile for patent back to to make to note that this is not all for not that it's actually going to get him to the god given level of potential that they have now again Walker's case it was a family of five with a say a five tool player tremendous in every aspect of baseball great athlete of course there Jeter we know about and this is what kids do when they chase their dreams in sports it's a simple those up okay I mentioned a few minutes ago I the incident from the other sports edge police water we haven't visited the police blotter in awhile but this one is exceptional and as you hear the the situation is you're on talk about with his father running on to a wrestling mat to basically tackle his son's opponent that you you did you know sounds on the face of it straight forward and the dispensary punished and a D. has been but I'm gonna get your side of you think this is a this is the way to go on this and what your reaction is to this case as always we'll take your calls at one eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six when I come back after mark or nays update all the rights to the story I look forward to your comments stay with something extraordinary has happened to Judy Sizemore's close it making it feel more like a closet an area.

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