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Gamble is to gamble away from the vaccine and away from potential harm now jessica rose in her first paper show that the nonfatal reactions tend to be cardiac cardi cardiovascular neurologic immunologic the occur quickly after the shot at tight temper relationship with rose. She's a really tight tight epidemiologist but virologists. She's made the case that we've completely fulfilled. The bradford hill criteria for causality. We have a dangerous mechanisms of action. We have a tight temporary relationship. We have internal consistency between death and the nonfatal events. We have external consistency because this is seen in the system the system and in the u. Dra you as the ama system. We've basically got it. We have fulfilled hills tenants of causality. The vaccine is causing these events. Myocarditis paradise official fda warnings. We are at astronomical numbers of hospitalizations er visits etc. We're at shockingly twenty. Six thousand americans now permanently disabled after the vaccine the is telling us permanently disabled who answers for that. That's more than a war. That's more than iraq war. These are permanently disabled americans so death and disability. It's clear are coming after these vaccines in this strongly temporary related i mean temporally related. It's like shotgun is a shotgun. We have two separate announces one by rose one by mclaughlin independent analysis. Us spares data fifty percent of these deaths occur within forty eight hours fifty percent eighty percent within a week. It's a no wonder people are protesting wonder to take a vaccine. People are saying. I see this on the internet. I could die. Employees are saying. I don't wanna take the vaccine. Because i could die. Not that i'm anti vans. Just i don't want to die. Isn't that okay that i don't wanna die wonder. There's tension i mean. Come on think about it. We have twenty million kids to college every year. They take them an ngo cocco vaccine. You haven't seen any protests over the minko vaccine. I'm a doctor. I take hepatitis b. influenza vaccine. Have you seen people protesting over the hepatitis. b. vaccine outside house with no covert vaccine protests. Of course 'cause people know that this is an unbelievable shotgun risk mclachlan queens university in london analyzed. The data eighty six percent of the deaths was separate independent adjudicators. It has no other explanation. It was the maxine and on two occasions now our. Cdc has said three occasions now. I believe is march june. September our. Cdc in no announcement on their website has said. Cdc and fda doctors have reviewed all the deaths and none are related to the vaccine not including the ones that happened the vaccine center and they're doing cpr right. They're not related to the vaccine. Welcome to the daily wrath book a concise show dedicated to bring you.

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