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Goal kboi news starts now kyw news time is six three i'm jay how wall heading into his last legislative session governor butch otter isn't budging when it comes to the idea of getting rid of idaho six percent grocery tax the spokesmanreview reports governor otter told the associated tax payers of idaho he hopes they don't have to go through what they did last year because he believes the grocery taxes the most stable and predictable state revenue source there is that got mixed reviews from the legislative leaders who were in the audience last year the legislature voted to next the grocery tax by a twothirds margin but otter vetoed if the lawsuit in our a lawsuit ended up in idaho supreme court but failed to get the over the veto overturned idaho second amendment alliance president greg pruitt says on the surface a bill which would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their guns across state lines sounds like a good thing but he says house republicans attached a bill which would expand the background checks system and he says that's not a good thing what they're doing it given then political cover because the republican a lot of what this gun control bill to go hort well how are we going to do that without the gun owners freaking out we're going to ask national were at the property the other build that was attached to the reciprocity bill would increase the number of names getting reported the national instant check system and pruitt says that would result in a lot of innocent people being rejected from buying guns idaho congress from mike simpson and rowell labrador voted for the combined bill by whose second amendment alliance and other groups like the gun owners of america are calling on the senate to separate the two bills and then vote on them individually it's not easy being a rancher but it's a muchneeded job and not everyone is rushing out to do it angus breeder kevin yawn and his wife lidia or the first generation on their families farm kevin has this advice for others looking to start a ranch of their own double wanted to get abbott the passer yet i have the war and there's many o out there that have it got to go out and get some experience got to be willing to work hard you've got to um have a spouse that shared your dream or.

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