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Johnny gone leads. They strike some Sullivan mounds, third bites, mice and Foster fall. full place. We have Klay tonight Ronnie Harris, but big news for the championship. Johnny goddess has got the jump on his biggest arrival while he definitely won't size five points himself today, it's going to be a challenge if he starts over who might posters, total point score. But if you can delay it at least for a couple of ICES. But one event job done in it's ready, probably well, but some of late then while in Johnny Ghana's second ahead of Mason foster, they charge protagonist amounts tastic in nice weather. I'm really nice house to the by the rain starts to come down heavier. Now, the wind picking up its DACA on Johnny Gonesse. He's using every single move in book to try and defend for Mason foster nine ops in this race. This is not to out to nine as a fab lick of this rights to go. But so far the pace being set by Sullivan Mounsey, Johnny Gonesse and Mason foster college actually know how to second that. Indeed, the. Top three are really breaking away. Now, Mounsey has just picked up a slice of onstage. I think that's the move for second place now false to making the move down the inside of the back straight on taking it into Ted seven. He's coming back now at. I don't think that's gone. S con respond? That is the place the Feis. Joanie Don is now vice foster if the flag was the guy out. Now take four points outs of Johnny gone. Now that would make the gap fifty points as far as I'm aware that would not win him the chump hip based on countback road with after might be one point lay in the net Bryce or bike fifty one hours. He's looking trying get on sullen. Manzi varieties lashing down here in Charlotte, Radi is starting to come down. That's makes it very, very difficult. Really fold of jarring negotiate, Johnny, Johnny STA arrived at down who as that was not agent sparks, I think it was eaten spouse. He's just gone down that was out of seven spice sparks gets back out and goes again out front Sullivan Manley just ahead of Mason foster John John. This is well, Trudy jobs off the back at the moment, but Mason cost about this jumps ship install alongside some amount as Raymond gets. Bye bye. Ta and Montigny made a bright tha that tastic late move Mason foster Reuters, bright side DOI's up the insights. So confident. It's really fantastic to say a now over breaking the gap making a couple of bike links, aheads son of a mouse eight. The wet weather specialized is able to respond to. She's Johnson's here the mood, but into second place. Third place, Johnny holding off very lonely, but starting to be closed in my Clayton Edmonds Wani have is being challenged by Luca Hopkins. Last us for fifth lights on one of the closest and the moment as well. I mean the issue for Joni gunnison. The minute is just falling back from that Lee to I said at the start of the front, three had taken advantage, but I think the rain has really played into Gonesse issues. Now he's starts by instant midfield as we do have another rider all out quite televised. Is it the minute while we're not sure. At the moment, the marshalls stunning up about getting on the bike mushroom. Just trying to restart that by the yellow flags into turns two and three mice..

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