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The power. If you read through the paragraph that microphone tweeted Joe McCoy's contractor puts obviously a lot of pressure and responsibility on McCoy. He's obviously the one risking a lot of things, but he obviously stands to gain a lot of things that's just kind of the way contracts work, and so it is the business of football. It is an unfortunate reality. I also think that it's worth mentioning that given the Dallas Cowboys medical staff detected this and that it was factored into McCoy's contract Joe McCoy was. Aware of it. That's a point that Dave in our friend pointed out. Sorry for my my rapid breathing. My dog wanted to sit on my lap is that recorded this feeling a little bit needed today he wanted to hug and so bear boys is being hugged while I record here but So Joe McCoy was very likely aware that this was in his contract. And again, the point that Dave pointed out man the Dallas Cowboys medical staff really really good at their jobs seemingly they were able to isolate this as a potential incident and on the first day of padded practice, it showed up. But so journal McCoy likely aware of this. So I don't know that it really caught him off guard again I can't speak for Joe McCoy but it makes sense that that he would be able to make sense of this given that it was clearly talking point in his contract negotiations and so it is possible I don't know this for a fact but I'm just kind of speculating here. It is possible that the Dallas cowboys and Joe McCoy in the last because I'm recording this about five pm central time in the last, you know thirty to thirty two hours or so have discussed things jail McCoy with his agent have said look man, this is terrible. This sucks. We really want to around we really value as a mentor because again, Mike McCarthy on Tuesday morning said that Joe McCoy was going to be mentoring the younger players. This was the plan. Who knows who the first person was to remind everybody that this clause existed in Jomo contract but anyway, it is possible again I'm not saying this is effect. This is simply one possibility. It's possible that the important people in terms of this discussion in terms of jail. McCoy sat down and said, let's execute this move to save the Dallas Cowboys football team money in two thousand and twenty one, Joe McCoy don't go anywhere just take time get healthy we'll help you out in that department and we'll talk then we'll figure out a deal that works. That is possible and I realize that I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible there and trying to you know envision a scenario where nobody. was was. was focused more on themselves than anything because I do think it's fair to say the Dallas cowboys generally do take care of their players and you never hear of an instance where they didn't take care of a player I have a very hard time imagining the cowboys just kind of leaving Joe McCoy in the cold. But this I understand if you feel that this did not look great for the Dallas Cowboys. It again is reflective of the idea that football is a business but Joe McCoy has been released by the Dallas Cowboys. So He will not be mentor in the younger players at least this season. So. We'll see what happens. On that note though because the cowboys did have a roster spot open when they did release Joe McCoy, they signed offensive Lineman Pace Murphy and also of note Don Terry Po the other defensive tackle the cowboys signed from the Carolina Panthers. Last season has passed his physical and we'll be activated on the physically unable to perform list. So. I mean it's hard to call it a bummer I mean it's easy to call a bummer obviously and Joe. McCoy is such a fun guy and. I'm recording this on Tuesday and later on tonight is the second episode of hard knocks and if you WANNA see more of Joe, McCoy's personality you should go watch the season of our knocks at the Tampa Bay buccaneers were on He's a fun. Guy. I think that that's obvious and a lot of ways if you watch the video of him right. Before his surgery I think you can see kind of how positive a person he is. You can check that video ad on on my twitter I'm at Joe are on the blog and the boys instagram we are blogging dot the dot boys are on the blog and the boys page just go like us on facebook right there but so that was. Again, a bitter pill to swallow for cowboys fans something that was very very, very encouraging happened on Tuesdays well a little bit before the Joe McCoy News in fact. We know that I think we could all sit around your name from Dallas Cowboys, players, and figures over history that deserve to be in the pro football hall of fame that are not in the pro football hall of fame and one of them is unquestionably drew. Pearson, the original eight is a travesty to be honest it drew Pearson is not in the pro football hall of fame and in fact, a year ago when we found out that the class of two thousand and twenty, which has yet to be in trying themselves when we found out that that class was going to be larger in celebration of the NFL's one hundredth anniversary, it was going to be the centennial class and everything. I. Know I said that that really opened the door for guys like Drew Pearson that made it more possible and we saw a lot of guys get in that had had trouble getting into the hall of Fame I. Think Cliff. Harris, was one of those. And so you know the fact that cliff Harrison Jimmy Johnson's still haven't had a chance to experience their enshrinement best sack given obviously what's been going on in our world for the last few months by Drew Pearson, it was announced on Tuesday is the senior nominee for the pro football hall of fame class of two, thousand and twenty one. The hall of fame typically has a senior nominee or senior nominees. They also have a coach nominee. Former Oakland raiders head coach Tom Flores. was, the coach nominee this year he's the only coach nominee. Andrew Pearson is the only singer nominee. What does this mean? Why is this important? Well, if you don't keep up with this specifically, generally the people that are these particular nominations, the senior nominee to coach nominee to get to this point generally, these people are locks for the hall of fame. I mean, you know obviously crazy things happen but it is about ninety nine percent certain that drew Pearson on the night before Super Bowl fifty five and the Dallas cowboys are obviously getting ready to play. We'll call it the Kansas City chiefs. That drew Pearson will be announced as a member of the pro football hall of fame class of two, thousand, twenty one, and so when you consider the fact that the hall of fame has said that they were postponing this year's enshrinement in districts facilities to next year that means that assuming that does happen, which is a fair assumption at this point in time the cowboys will have a hall of Fame Group next year that consists of cliff branch after cliff Harris of Jimmy Johnson and of drew. Pearson So Nice of the seventies there. And very very, very cool. peyton manning. We'll be eligible for the hall of fame. So you've got that going on as well and I was thinking. Wind Drew Pearson. Put in the hall of fame it will mark two different sets of triplets for the Dallas Cowboys in the pro football hall of fame obviously drew we'll join Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett. You've obviously got the nineties triplets and Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin both of their head coaches now in the hall of fame with Jimmy Johns joining his triplets Tom Landry has already been in the hall of Fame Jerry, Jones, the owner and operator of the cowboys in the hall of fame. Just an incredible legacy that analysis cowboys have America's team all that jazz etc etc etc but. Obviously..

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