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At a. Follow up interview with stephanie. Santa fe yesterday stephanie son. If is a mit senior research scientist who has been studying vaccines for many many decades and we spoke about the covert vaccines yesterday and we also spoke about the chemical glyphosate. Which is the active ingredient in the weed. Killer roundup which is used on farms across the country and stephanie's research has uncovered a correlation between countries with populations that high at that have high exposure to the chemical glyphosate in their food supply and high kobe infection rates. She's written a book about it and we spoke at length about and we also spoke at length about the kobe. Nineteen vaccines in general. And what these vaccines. Especially the mr rene vaccines the effects those vaccines machinery calling vaccines. Because they're more injections than vaccine's only qualify as vaccines a lot of people who are a lot smarter than i am a no a lot more about this than i do refused to call them vaccines and actually to them as gene therapy. But stephanie has uncovered a some surprising findings on this amarnath technology and the effects that it has on human spleens. So i'm gonna play you guys in excerpt of the interview that we had yesterday. The rest of the interview is available on the site. Www dot it and show dot com. Remember because of file size restrictions at least for the current plan that were on we are not able to put a publish. the entire interview That we conduct with Guests on a daily basis and have And still be able to fulfill monthly quota. So we play excerpts here and we have the full interviews online you can hop on over to the site and check out the rest of the interview and i'll leave a link in the show notes without further. Ado here's stephanie. Senate on her work on her. Extensive research on life is eight kobe. Nineteen and the kobe. Nineteen injections okay. Stephanie thanks for being with us so The last time you spoke you said you were working on a book about a glyphosate which Active ingredient in round up the baucus. Right killer. yes and you drew some in. Your research has drawn some important correlations between populations that have.

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