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Well can to a nether. Podcast episode of merck kaba charlie russia's i'm your host von goats and today we dive into the healing nature of connecting to five guy or earth through the shamanic meditation and rituals with doug coda earth cloud walker. Now dakota been a teacher for over twenty five years and she brings a wealth of experience in how we all can connect to our planet and each other through shamanism so with that the coda welcomed makovich. Thank you so much for having me here. I really appreciate it and love talking about this stuff so at least you. I love metaphysics too. Yeah it's good stuff and there's so many different ways to come into metaphysics and high alums of consciousness and so many different experiences. You never really get bored so Yeah i love to okay so before we get into this wonderful discussion about the modalities that you bring forth to connect to five the guy and the higher consciousness within the universe. Let's begin with. How did you get into this work in the first place. Now well i would say that the work found me and really when i look back on my life i feel like i have been living the shamanic life ever since i was a kid. Even my parents would comment about that. That it was just that was always my natural way of being was to be more of that chamonix nature so for me. When i got into the work it was Really just kind of an extenuation of what i always knew and felt and then i just found a way to carve it out into my life. I started in my early twenties teaching spiritual studies and things like that and really diving into the world. Native american spirituality and celtic drew injury and just kind of finding my own path but then at the same time. I'm always been the one that you know. I feel very passionate about something. I want to bring it into my work and so became very easy dovetail to make that right right and you know just just for people to understand about shamanism. Shamanism is just kind of generic term. Because there's a lot of shamans all over the world. I'm laos and their shamanism house as well as well as all over the world. Mongolia china south native american The celtics have Their own as well and basically shamanism is just basically a spiritual approach to your connection to that subco- energy field of universal consciousness. Everybody s it. It's just kind of coming into that mysticism about reality and that's really what it is It is connected to any kind of religions there's no buddy to chew etc so In terms of a spiritual approach. It's very very very much. And we have a lot of shaman nissim type outlook in buddhism because buddha again is a spiritual approach that is not unreligious you reality and to connect to that christ consciousness within you and everyone else which is source so right. We're talking the same language years. Yeah yeah there's a lot of misconceptions about shamanism because they feel like it's it's primarily native american or that it's a religion you know. Some people feel very dark energy and really. It's it's it's very very light and it's more like a container that contains the soul of the person who is deciding to walk that path. In whatever capacity that you show up in

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