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You that optimum meet you omitted at the bar and got big thank you so much pleasure darkness that was at a gop nick staff writer for the new york harry craddock the head bartman of the american bar to savoie hotel in london to the 1926 30s once said that a cocktail should be trunk cold and fast now i'm not one to argue with the likes of harry critic but his pronouncement begs in obvious question which of course is should pleasure be savored or taken now i would note that those who worry about a deficit a pleasure safer it while those who are confident of surplus enjoy it quickly and bolt either way is nigel lawson one said those who feel guilty about pleasure don't deserve to have it that's it for this week if you just tuned into mr show you can listen to our podcast on apple podcast stitcher tune in google play on spotify please remember to subscribe to the show you automatically get every single show download downloaded to your phone each week if you wanna learn more about millstreet please go to one seven sevenoaks treatcom there you can download each weeks recipe subscribes the magazine watch our first season of milk street television or order the more extreme cookbook we'll be back next week thanks so much for us christopher kimble's milf street radio is produced by milk street in association with wgbf h executive producers melissa ball dino and stephanie center producer pt amy padilla associate producer carly helm attacked senior audio engineer douglas sugars senior audio editor melissa allison with help from vicky merrick in sydney lewis audio mixing by j allison at atlantic public media production helped debbie patrick r c music is by two bub crew additional music by george brandel o'clock christopher kimble's milk street radio is distributed by p r.

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