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Heard from anthony hitchens and mccoll hardman and now. We continue on with left. Tackle orlando brown junior. Thank you for taking my question. A notice you kind of have teams when you come to the microphone. Want to know what your team is You know would you have on but more seriously going into the training camps your first time with all the players What are you hoping to get out of this. And what type of what type of kamari are you hoping to make the offense to lie. Training camp is always important for that. Reason i think it gives you an opportunity to get around coach his teammates and really get to know people for who they are just because of the amount that you're spending here consistently on a day-to-day to day basis with some I'm looking forward to getting to know. All of my teammates Offense and defense all the coaches in staff around here as well Not as you got a lot of free time and training camp but you know it definitely helps pass and tom by getting no guys go next to aaron land. Good air appreciate the time here. I know it's a lot of new faces in the offense ally room. Especially you is. Maybe the you guys have communicated leading up to this in the kind of the relationship that jello worked off man. We we've actually been communicating all off season. I would say definitely ever since. We all stepped on on in the building together. Not as it's a great group man. I think that's one of the most important things to a great office. Alon is just a continuity off the field and the news. good off the food. It'd be great on the field and You know we play position man. That's hard that's very Different i feel like from a lot of different positions in sometimes. All you have is guys on. Line of scrimmage which you to lean on and Then i think we got a really really good group going into this next to pete sweeney. orlando. i was wondering through the off season. Just how comfortable do you feel already with joe. -tuni- in what do you looks forward to about building that as time goes on here at training look forward to man does a great player. He's a great guy You know we've done a ton of work together. We hung out off the food already Man i mean he's great. I got nothing bad to say a bottom. I really look forward again back to work with them and getting going on this long season just just grind it out. Man like cement mcmullen goodman. Orlando you kind of already answered this but just here training came. It's real football time so excited. Are you finally with a new team and all your teammates definitely get out there and play some real football season. I'm excited man. I'm excited i. You know one of my favorite parts of football isn't necessarily just wearing helmets but the soda pass to so once we could disorder pez romantic iraq. In you know that's when the robot players come on. I'm looking forward to next to her. Gop good herbie early no along those same lines. I mean obviously believe with the new protocols in place that long acclimation period before the patch do come on temper. Some of that enthusiasms over exert yourself in his first five days before the pads. Do come on honestly. I'm not really concerned with it. You know right now. I'm trying to take every. Dan approachable to game day. Mentality and get better each and every day man shoulder pads or not like. I said i'm still looking forward to getting it on. But you know i'm gonna attack every day just like i got him on four morals. Go right down the line of men her meant. Hey orlando goodness again you know. The cheese made an investment. Obviously the to acquire you and after the season you know you're hoping that there's going to be a contract extension of some sort. It does that. Make this season a bit of approve at year for you to yield approve it to the chiefs that they made the right move and and to prove it that you know you deserve to be here long term part. This team's future personally man. You know. I i've taken it upon ourselves throughout my life to really feel like i got some approved normal very limited athlete as a player as person I'm not the shortest guys. Obviously you know. I don't often win the levers battle on. So i've always felt like i've got lots of proof and i'm attacking this year just like every other year to give better to to beat the best player that i can beat a puts. His team in super bowl contention next to adam. Tighter but at orlando was just wondering whether you did anything in the off season this year outside of practice to prepare to play left. Tackle that maybe you hadn't done in previous years So did a lot more film guys that i was a little bit unfamiliar with light. Trade thomas Looking at a little. Bit of king dunlap film. Gaza coach read has worked within in going back and looking at some more than argon. Films will You know whatever. Stains to take from in john ryan as well on from backing back in philly But it was a lot of things to take from those different different players. Obviously we got a lot of similarities in size and height and you just how coach was able to.

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