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It is now from a from a theatrical for too much. Now i'll give you. I'll give you sixty seconds to think about. It's all right. i have an answer. I was fortunate enough to sort of be involved in a certain shift in the comedic With animal house. Meatballs stripes goes ghostbusters. You're like my first four movies. There was kind of a shift in in this sort of attitude about comedy. It was really comedy with You know for the baby boom. We just turned out to be a big boom and a lot of people right and so I was a young person with all these extraordinarily talented young actors who were just young comedians. Who are exploiting at that time and You know now. Thirty forty years later is the movie. Businesses changed where very few smaller movies are getting made particularly in hollywood so The generation that are now in their teens and in their twenties. I'm talking about comedians. Don't get to lead a movie. I mean when harold harold ramos and bill murray and john belushi the they're all making their first films in those movies that became so successful. And you wouldn't the hollywood when wouldn't let a guy make his first film and do it like dat. Now we're joking about how difficult was to you. Know to get you jimmy to star. Although i think he would have made a terrific movie and i thought your voices were unique then and would have been very appropriate. The problem is now. it's very hard to break in. You can get on television is. That's what's happening. But those kind of lovely classical comedies. That sort of make you happy after you leave the theater and you remember them and they get re released thirty years later like ghostbusters. Just has this week. Don't really exist anymore. And yeah they're successful comedies. And guys like seth rogan and joanna. Hiller doing Very well but john getting recognized for his real dramatic work seth. Seth is already in his forties. And so so. Who's that next guy. Who's in his twenties. that old. yeah is i think so. I don't think he's at all he seems old. I think he's kind of five or forty five he you. It's weird when you see like the forty year old virgin and you go. That guy's in his mid thirties right and it's like no. He was twenty when he when he did hat which is weird. He's thirty two. He just seems to apologize seth. I'm really really sorry. No but like. I said i don't know the forty virgins wet ten years old now but it's very early. And he seems like an older dude in in that movie and he's literally at any budget the studios themselves are very making these films. The kind of films that launched all these careers And and for you. Obviously it's not a financial issue I mean you wanna work by you. Don't you don't need to work. You're working because that's what you love to direct. I mean i love making drafty. i think It was an unusual choice of a movie for me. It's not although this funny things. It's not a comedy and it's a sports event draft but is very good and You really realize first off you kind of realize. Oh yeah constant. Israeli good and us really good and he's an he sent me a long rambling email the other day. He's humanizer pen pals aura. He's a little bit nuts but not in a bad way. Well we all are. Aren't we now know he's all another does email say oh god he just he. He sent me some long ass emails. I mean he must have sent you along share of them. But he's really one of the favourite actors. I've worked with and i've worked with wonderful people and you know he's he's just really talented. He's he really cares. And oh god yes and you know he works at it. And he's a passionate man he he really is and it doesn't matter where he's aimed. It's just that's where his passion is. It doesn't matter what the subjects not all about films. I did a i did a benefit. We did a benefit sort of wounded warriors or something. if the reagan. His band was playing. I was seeing turn into a little. And so as the buckle is that it didn't go well well. There was an issue. There was an issue in which was it was an incident. I had agreed to see this for the veterans and he had agreed to play at the end of the night. You know just for free. To for the best for the veterans or the wounded warriors. Are you know let's face it. It's a benefa-. I didn't sweat. I'm emceeing and you know she. Evening sunday night. I'll have a glass of wine in my hand. And i'm sitting at the table off the side. It's one of these things where they don't tell you what you're doing. They just come go here you do this and bring the bring up right general burkhalter and then go back and sit down again and then go do this and do that. So i'm standing there. And i'm the drinking glass of wine and then the guy comes up and he grabs me listening to come up here and you're gonna lead everyone in the pledge of allegiance and the color guards gonna do their thing in front of you and i'm like i'm leading everyone in what pledge of allegiance now. I'm going through what my head like a long time. I think i'm gonna fuck this up. And guys i come on up just just coming in. And then they'll come in and here we go and he brings we up and i'm walk out on stage. Every glass of wine is still in my hand. right. And i'm i'm sort of looking around but there's no there's no day or table there's nothing it's just a mike. Stand some whole glass of wine. And i go now. Right everybody Please stand for the pledge allegiance. The color guard comes in here and Pledge elite and we do the whole thing and then you remember the words i did. It came back to me. I brought a sat down and that the next guy the next guy next guy comes up is basically a husky and a fucking bad mood. And he still got shrapnel ask from vietnam and his spilt the same blood in the same mud and he just comes up. He grabbed mike and he goes. I don't know about you guys. But when i'm honoring this country with the pledge of allegiance i sure as hell don't do it with a glass of booze in my hand and i'm standing up next stage. I'll tell you what i've never seen. What some more disrespectful behavior. Before i i the american flag stand for something not forgetting drunk. Not for holding a glass extending stage going. Oh by the way. I'm going to be here for another two hours. I will win. This guy's done his hand. The mike toomey and i'll go a thank you general retouching words anyway. Our next guest. it's like case..

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