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Radio one. Two thousand eighteen okay whether studio cool by hill, and company, your train comfort specialist. It's hard to top a train sunny today with high of eighty two and mild tonight, a low of sixty five it's going to be sunny on Thursday, with a high of eighty nine sunny on Friday with a high about ninety and then for the weekend, we have a forty percent chance of storms on both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the mid to upper eighties. More local news in thirty minutes. I'm Beth Myers. KT. Okay. Newsradio one thousand eight t okay studios or a service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for low not. Learn more at universalmensclinic dot com. This report is sponsored by zips car wash dot com from the shooting. Sports traffic center, Oklahoma's headquarters, we're gonna Gary, most of their earlier, accident's cleared roadwork tonight, north and southbound I two thirty thirty-five, we'll be down to one lane at I at I forty four that's Broadway. Ny, forty four one lane only semi tonight's six in the morning for barrier wall placement. Rogaine, total traffic is rigged easier. Listen, no matter how often you wash your car zips carwash says a deal for you checkout, zits car wash dot com and save up to seventy percent on a single wash or you can get unlimited monthly wash memberships for one low price. I feel good, I would zips that cheap oil change could cost you money down the road in bad fuel mileage four performance even engine breakdowns. Get peace of mind when you add BG MOHA every oil, change, g will guarantee your engine for life g performance oil change services, help engines run cleaner, perform.

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