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Yesterday britney was in court and being for herself instead of having her lawyer. Do the talking. She said the legal guardianship involving her father is abusive. She wants the conservatorship to end now. And she's so angry. She thinks her family has abused her so much. She liked to sue them. She said among other things or did nothing to protect her was sent to a small home in beverly hills for rehab wants and costs sixty thousand dollars and they were just trying to hurt her and her dad loved it. She says she's been forced to stay on birth control even though she wants to get married to her long-time boyfriend and have another child. She hasn't spoken out about the situation publicly because she didn't think anyone would believe her. And now she just wants her life back. She says so. That's some of the stuff that was revealed yesterday. There's a lot more to it. She spoke for thirty minutes though and did she speak or did she just mouth the words and someone else spoke the actual voice part for her. How did that was their labor. Wish she actually spoke. I think she spoke emily. You know she dead. Just assuming it's terrific okay. What else do we have now. Scooter braun is saying. He's not a bully. He regrets buying taylor swift stors now. She's been busy regrets it. Yeah he does all well. He must have given them back then. No oh the regret is just a pinch of regret. Okay feel bad for me. i regret it. it's a lotta of regret that he's a multimillionaire. taylor has been busy recording. Her first six at are new masters. And he says it makes them add. That taylor had that reaction to the deal mostly because then he won't be getting money but claims everything that's happened has been very confusing. And not based on anything factual other than the fact that he bought him and she's recording him so he regrets buying them so they say get back and he's like i don't regret it then Taylor hates that. He bought them and so they say why. Don't you buy a bag war. Don't need them back that much. So what is everybody. Shut the law. Well she wanted to buy them but said that there was a deal that would require her to only say nice things about him in public from now on and she didn't want that string attached since when does she run around since when is she known as being a bad mother. She's a nice girl. She doesn't say bad things about people to she. She might write a song. That's true. I guess the i guess that would be considered speaking in public nim. Okay some he says he offered to sell them back to her right with the nda attached to it but she could never say anything about him. How much do you wanna back. Yes or no you want them or not to recording now anyway. So she's gonna own own them anyway right so that was her chest move right. I'm not going to buy them back. Because i don't want that string attached. I'm gonna rerecord them in bright. Ob mine and possibly she'll record them better. A lot of people are saying they are possibly her army will make a point to only buy. And listen to the new versions. So that she'll get the the richie richie richer richer than she already is. you know. it's a great strategy on her part but nothing keeps him from selling the old versions that he owns right. Nothing keeps from selling what is going to be. Rapidly diminished in value. But then if. I'm some product that i'm gonna use a taylor swift song and i go to taylor. She says you can have it for ten million. I go to scooter. And what's your price. nine million. okay. I'll take that right so now she's going to have to compete against her own work right place right right can still nothing keeps him from from monetize ing these it just makes. It may be worth a little as i dunno. It just seems you're know this because of your experience owning a catalog of music hits. Yes i was part of the columbia record club before six less understood and my membership. Is that the same purchase plan you have is your gym. He gets but i did. My wants to be charged forever. Correct was because they went out of business never participate in it despite once and always be charged and never use it and you get that surprise recording every month. That's pretty clever. This the franco family man. I forgot to send the card back again all right. That's chris borders analysis. It's always it's always interesting isn't it. Yeah we got to columbia when we're like an analogy but whatever no no you understand how many times we let you off the hook. That was all the words. You're looking for thank you thank you. There you go okay a terminally ill. James bond super fans daughter has posted a video on twitter hoping that she can get her data private screening before he passes away. He's just been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and he's got weeks to live. He's fifty seven years old a lifelong james bond fan. I checked out Remmy miller's twitter video she put up. this guy is such a super fan. He has a sign outside. his house. says blondes cottage. He's got a doormat photos everywhere throughout the whole house collectibles galore and he would have been able to see the movie. Had it not been for sure but now and hasn't been and so people worked really hard to get it to go viral hoping that it would help and as of just a bit ago. She said that the right people have been in touch. So this dined may get to see it after all before he's gone but before it releases best wishes to him for sure. Yeah given under song do. Would you like to hear a terror. Golden hue kid up where dot big long bane. The san guys did it is one hundred percent right. He's got it. Is the jonas brothers there that same guys yes. it is. What's going on with the jonas jonasson. Sophie turner had a baby less.

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