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Job dot charleston. Daesh ready so here so you went to this one colleague desam so you re head school become famous in the ward has shown up your is the senate of mahatma modern duke rana doing the video of seventy go so hope you understand you understood beaches of what these me. And how do you fight them. You have to fight them. That's gonna stop by this. Everybody you see. I guess about have to fight and the goddess so rice and fight look on stevens within us ended this beautiful days. Help us evolve in everything that we asked by who become so seat. The base of this goddess fight the demons with enough add ons and win the word outside. Because leaving. you have the strength you have conquered and you're able to understand that the Solvable yoga's of this human existence. Following the dharma winning this where a or to listen at when you have the grease handle the divining on your head. Nothing should be formed. Who have the speed that conversation and go ahead. The way to a week monday at is going on this biman's thank you. Once again. the joining the mahamoud see york d'amato she hogging how she gave the dog. She's not a group sign off matzke. J. vulnerable by the masa value the gum. But the she bought by liberty who were not not that she would be maha will be the guiding home shish. Nah bishop digital..

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