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Seven on 38255. Listen, I do have your contract. Michelle. I didn't get a chance to look at every bit of it. But I'm looking at it as we go. And I promise you I'll have some answers. Terry. What do you mean? Predatory, predatory towing. Explain to me. Where were you parked? Gadget told all of that. Tell me about it. No. It happened in Pueblo in an apartment complex. I was going to pick up a friend of mine, Okay? My friend does not have a car. Hey, does have an assigned Parking space. And so I pulled into his assigned parking space. When that stairs to his department. Hey, told me that I needed to put a tag on the car. And he handed me the tag and I said, But you know we're getting rightto leave. Let's just go. So this all happened in the space of 10 minutes. We walked out the door, he said. Where is your car? I looked down. It wasn't there, and I had no intimate. Wait a minute. You you it was before he even knew you were there. Ah, right. No, it's ah, well, So as it turns out, this is, aren't they towing? Um, which apparently has had multiple complaints. Uh, that have gone to the better business bureau about their practice habits. What did they do to you? Did they did? Okay. You who told you? You needed a tag on your car? Oh, my friend, and before you before you could even do that it was towed. Right? I don't understand. I mean, it's like It's like Ah, How many minutes a few minutes or what? Where were you there now? How long were you there? By 10 minutes. Okay. Um, Terry, were you in guest parking? Where were you? I was then my friends, a sign parking spot. He did not have a car, so I just pulled into the spot assigned to him. But you didn't have the sticker. So in other words, if your friend had parked his car there He would have had a sticker or something to put on the dashboard. A little tag the hang on the rear view mirror, OK if they're consistent with their rules. And you should have had that tag before leaving the car. You can't say it was predatory, even though it probably was. In other words, he's hanging out waiting for you. He could have just said Hey, lady, Where's your tag? Or waited a few minutes, but The problem is well, it all comes down to this. The warning. Was there a warning? Did people know? In other words, do guests no coming in there that they're going to be towed? What kind of sign Ege was there? There's a sign that there that says private property Um, and it doesn't say no parking without permit or anything like that. I don't think so. Terry. What's the name of the What's the name of the place? Um, let's say the name it's owned by residential needs. No, the the apartment the apartment complex. Yeah. What was the complex? Evergreen apartment. Oh, my God. This is the same one. We had a problem with before where they located. They're located on the south side of Pueblo. Not very far. Oh, no, no, no. This one was this one was not Pueblo. Okay, listen. Here's Where is your car right now? Is it impounded or did you get it? I got it the whole thing and how much it'll all cost $295, okay? On. It was there for about an hour, You know, but that doesn't count They the hook up the towing. Okay, Terry. On the surface, it sounds like they probably got you and they probably got you legally on the surface on the surface. So why are you calling? In other words? Why do you think it should not look it? I don't like when they hang out. Wait for someone to make a mistake. But if you were told you were told, why do you think it's not your fault? Because I didn't have any idea. I felt like I was parked legally option. His face part knew I wasn't that part. I understand. And I don't know why they would go to his parking space. But you told me even he would get a ticket if he was in his parking space. Without the tag, can you? Are you near that on a ticket, toad? No. But you You said he would have been told. What did he say about it? Did he say that should have happened? Hey, said it shouldn't have happened and we were both confused by it. I mean, you know, we walked out the car's gone. I didn't even know that. It's okay. I get all of it, Terry, I think for 200 Listen, I don't think you're gonna win this. I just don't Because you were parked without a tag. That's all he has to prove. He probably took a picture. He probably told it. You admit you didn't have the tag. You should have had the tag before you. I went up there and you should have. I don't know what else to tell you. If the warnings were there, you'd have in order for us to get involved, and we've gotten involved in towing cases and also these cases where they boot cars in order for us to get involved. What you need to do is take pictures of the warning signs. They have to be a certain size. And they have to say certain things or they can't just tow you. But on private property, they have a lot of rights. And I'm sorry to tell you that, but they do. Bonnie Shields is an attorney at law and she handles Divorces. And all kinds of family law. She does mediation, even or she represents particular parties. Body. I have a question. Ask that's on the minds. I.

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