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Will look into the latest banking crisis will have more from CBS News in just seconds also. This is Nancy hardy, Chicago police are looking for the gunman who shot four people inside a fast food restaurant in south shore. Plus coming up on wbm? This is Andy Dane, starting today, you'll notice some unique sculptures in Rogers park. The bulls beat Miami last night, the Blackhawks lose to the coyotes and northwestern is bounced from the NCAA tournament, accurate forecasts as mostly sunny breezy, Chile, a high near 40° today, tonight clear to partly cloudy and Chile yet again, a low of 28 tomorrow approaching a high of 50° looking around Chicagoland currently, a lot of sunny skies, 23° at O'Hare, 24° at the lakefront, as we make our way to 10 o'clock time for CBS News. This is CBS News on the hour presented by Paul Gauguin cruises. I'm Linda kenyon in Washington. The House financial services committee will investigate the failures of Silicon Valley bank and signature bank, representative Patrick mchenry as the panel's chairman. I think we know we had a very rough week for American banking and we lost confidence that raises the questions of what happened last weekend. Well, in terms of what happens right now, should a too big to fail bank be able to buy up one of these banks like first republic to stop the bleeding. All options should be on the tape. Mchenry was on CBS's face the nation. The Swiss government is putting pressure on UBS bank to take over Credit Suisse. The BBC's grant ferret has more. A credit facility of more than $50 billion from the Swiss Central Bank has failed to restore confidence among depositors or halt the slide

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