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And white. Think red, 7 15 here's Frank hanrahan. A breakthrough tournament that will not be forgotten for Francis tiafoe falls in the semifinals of the U.S. open to Carlos alcaraz 6 three in a decisive 5th set. Tiafoe fought off a match point in the fourth set to win in a tie break, but in the end alcaraz just too good. Frustrating loss even though it was an incredible performance from tiafoe. Carlos tonight, I gave everything I had, I gave everything I had for the last two weeks. You know, honestly, I came here when U.S. open, I feel like I'll let you guys down. This one really hurts. It's not really, very hurts. It did hurt, but tiafoe did say that one day he's going to win the U.S. open now, alcaraz will play Casper Ruud for the men's title on Sunday, the winner becomes the new number one in men's tennis. Baseball. Nationals fall at the Phillies 5 to three Patrick Corbin took the laws allowed Fiverr and runs, struck out two, gave up two homers, Alex call with a Homer for the nationals, saying to again Saturday from Philadelphia. The Orioles winners over the Red Sox three to two yards, commanders getting closer, open or against Jacksonville Sunday, but no safety cam curl he's out with a thumb injury as the commanders are a slight favorite over the Jags week one, NFL. Francis Diaz run is over at the U.S. open. Frank Han ran WTO sports. The top stories were following for you on WTO, King Charles was officially announced as Britain's monarch in a ceremony today. He automatically became king when his mother Queen Elizabeth died, but the ceremony

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