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Up any of those monumental scoring runs to this prolific catch office. Starting lineups Dixie today for Penn State national attack. Another year round. Amen redshirt junior five white sixty five record-setting assist season. I ever ninety plus single season assists in the game's history from doylestown Pennsylvania here in the Philly area. Join my MAC. A one two punch attack Nick junior at six one eight from science at Long Island. The nation's leader in goals scored seventy five extraordinarily player. Don't foles also attack redshirt junior at six one eighty from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada midfield. Knicks point all American five ten one ninety senior from Franklin square, New Jersey TJ Malone. We'll see plenty of time in the midfielder's. Well, freshman five eleven one eighty years from West Chester, Pennsylvania here in the Philly area net. Get another Haverford. School, Ron Jack Kelly at the midfield as well sophomore six one ninety from Scarborough Ontario, Canada defense could save you. He is an all American six two hundred powder from harleysville, Pennsylvania, yet another. Billy. Area. Brought joined by Nick cardio six one one five junior from west grow PA. Guess what? That's so was bright and pack you'll start as well. A sophomore five eleven one ninety west grow PA. They were high school teammates at Avon grove high school. Hobie Canadian goaltender junior by seventy five from Dallas, Texas and the face off man. Repents today, JR are Sierra junior at six two hundred pounds from Saint James, Long Island down east high school now for Yale, the pending national champs Jackson moral on attack all American at six one ninety junior from Baltimore and the McDonalds school that Randall freshman five eleven five from tomorrow. Maryland boys, Latin, another Baltimore area product and tremendous brash, Yale, MAC, is their junior, six to twenty and attack in Hamilton Ontario Canada most outstanding player of last year's championship weekend at box..

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