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In the nfl back and forth on it because again it goes. They're all individual cases. It would be like saying this. You know it was like when we said air raid. Quarterbacks can't make it in the nfl and oh by the way. Patrick mahomes is the best quarterback out of an air raid system. So there's no hard and fast rules. But i think you have to look back and say you bringing urban. What what made urban meyer special. Ed ohio state and it was definitely his recruiting right the ability to just get good players in first and then you develop so. He did both of those things. Well so i think you have to balance and say okay. Will this college coach. What's successful just because he recruited. Because you don't do that at the nfl level or was he successful because He knew schematically what to do. He adjusted he was always a step ahead of the curve. So you look at in oregon. Meyer or lincoln riley. They they were right. They innovators offense and to me. That's the biggest thing you hear. I hate when i hear it's a copycat. Nfl because if you're copying you're not innovating and if you're copying you're doing something that's already been done. I think the best coaches have been. Innovators and you get a lot of innovators from college. So they absolutely should be in the mix because they could be one step ahead of the curve and that's the nfl. These days is getting that edge and being one step ahead. Why wouldn't a team interview eric. The enemy i don't know i would. I'd wanna figure out. 'cause here's the here's the thing about patrick mahomes right. He did not step into the league as a finished product. You say this all the time you go back through his scouting report and you list the weaknesses. He had plenty of them and now they're not there anymore. So i would wanna go find out who was a part of that. Andy reid eric. The enemy whoever was involved in taking patrick mahomes ability to play within structure and his decision making and all the things where he improved like. I wanna know who did that. So absolutely i think every enemy deserves You know being in the mix as far as interviews go. Because i want to know who took the homes and talk raw playmaking talent and turned him into the all around force that he's become last question today. We'll catch you again next week through these playoffs. We appreciate you as always. Steve are the buffalo bills a legit threat to the kansas city chiefs based on grades. Yeah absolutely yeah. They're playing as well as any team in the league and the thing i like about the bill the most i would say The way they've won games this year. You're their only real weakness is run defense. Which i don't care about a whole lot. And i think is almost by design with buffalo. And they did it against kansas city. They said hey. Rush for three russia two hundred and actually held the chiefs to twenty six points which is a win. That's a win defensively. Then you have to go. You have to go score twenty seven. I think they've got the coaching. I think they have allen playing at a high level of quarterback and they have the receivers the weapons and the the back seven to cover a little bit. I think the bills they can win games in a variety of ways and they're absolutely threatened. The asa how far off on this rogers first mahomes a win. Dogo will go second allen. Third derrick henry fourth in my mvp voting. I mean i would never put a running back in there. Even though henry is a special guy. I mean he's he's he's ridiculous even two thousand yards. I understand he's been he's been absolutely incredible I would just always lead to the quarterback that i would put brady up there in the tom josh allen mix we had a few bad games and their see him down the stretch and he's been ridiculous so i would. I would just link quarterback. I'd just go brady over henry next. But i think other than that. Yeah rogers definitely the guy though. He's seen i. I love it. Throw it win steve. This is kind of quarterback right with you brother. I like a six four hundred and fifty pound belco back. But i'll tell you wade out let it rip man steve great stuff. We'll look forward to it. Man this is going to be a blast weekend but these. Nfl games with the extra playoff game. Six six games over the weekend. I can't wait. I look forward to talking to you. Thanks for your insight. Yup their way. Thanks john to. That's great steve pal. Zola here on sportstalk seven ninety. Hey energy he always brings energy. And and i'd like to think that we do here to but let me tell you if you're struggling. It's the new year boom got to be pumped up but if not let's get this thing fixed now so the rest of the here you can get into listen. 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So let's increase the overall energy gift to the height cyprus payroll in pasadena in spring grand parkway and kirk and all the newest one of the five there there and they can help them monitor it. Let's get this thing rolling. Let's normalize testosterone men's clinic. You can dramatically improve your quality of life and relationships you do not have to settle for low testosterone. Men's clinic dot com men's clinic dot com. Sean is he turnovers. Judge who sits on high has the final. Say on all disputes. Back to the sean salisbury. Show on sports talk. Seven ninety talking to steve palace old. Mcu and i've been riding this train all year. I know i have to ad. Apparently pro football focus loves themselves. From tom brady right. He's playing at a high level. Right now i've seen so much fluctuation and inconsistency when they're good they're really good when they're bad they're they're basing right barely himself a few times. They play washington which vicious pass rush which you need interior pressure to to slow brady down right. If he gets set his feet and scan and do the things he does you befuddled rights. He has amazing weapons unbelievable. And the thank here is. I'm telling you here here's the problem. Now listen are they the best team in the nfc right now. But brady's playing the packers kick the crap out of that right. Tampa kick tampax crack on earth kicked of the trap points right and sort of a few other teams beat him but he. Here's one thing you and i both know is with these playoffs. Is it number. Twelve lives loves this real estate and january. And he's ready to make his statement. Mike eight he could go out and his role. Have you in the super bowl in a in a blink of an eye your there again. Yep his his his tail. What if he gets his if he gets his wish. Somehow let's see. I don't know how it's going to shape up right. I mean i'm trying to play the winner. Seattle and ram saran rams and then the winner of so the packers and the saints are in a different side right now. They would point in the next. They would point in the division round. That's different than the but the win. Would the packer nears get to the packers. They the championship game. That's exactly they would only play the pay the packers or the saying. Nfc jets thing. And that's why i was about to say. That's what i said the other side i met. They're not going to see them until the last game. I know that they would go on the road to play seattle in the round win their pick tampa bay to win me too because it's seattle's not the same with the twelfth man not there. Yeah different now..

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