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With this exclusive deal legacy box just starts at forty five dollars or you can save up to two hundred dollars on the largest legacy box kid go to legacybox dot com slash reality life in save forty percent off today legacy box dot com slash reality life matt ritter is a former attorney turned comedian and recruiter and now has an awesome new podcast on the wondering network called safer work you've probably heard it on my feet and i've asked him to watch a gem of a show called teed mom og welcome to the show matt thank you so much for having me i mean anytime they get a chance to go back to my reality tv roots love it so teen mom ot if you've never watched the show is a series on mtv and it basically follows the lives of fair abraham macy book out caitlyn lowell and amber portwood who were featured on the first season of the incredibly depressing show sixteen in pregnant which documents their first years of motherhood in places emphasis on strain family and romantic relationships of the several people that they follow in this episode they're all sort of taking a new career prac fair abraham has been on the show forever and she has pursued a career in the sex industry and they producers or sort about crocs should we still have this girl filming the show when it's show just basically watched by teenagers and she's got a livestream sex show on some network and they've come to her and said unless you basically have to make a decision will you be a better person not be such a garbage person and will you perhaps take a backseat on this snooze sex industry job and in the end she said screw off i am much happier making more money in the sex industry.

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